Vaping can damage vital immune system cells, study suggests


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I’m stick of mindless vapours puffing out clouds of vapour right in to me and my families faces whilst out and about in crowdy places.

Better than cigarette smoke!

Avoid crowdy places? Better than smoke though right?

Get over it.

Very true and yes I avoid crowdy places when I can but you can never tell when someone suddenly produces a massive cloud burst - totally unnecessary.

Just knock it out of their hands.

It's only steam , like being in the shower .

I take it you feel the same way about buses, cars and trains?

its the unpleasant sweet smells why should I have to smell someone’s vapour?

Out and about breathing in car exhaust fumes....I wouldn’t worry too much about a bit of vegetable oil.

There does need to be some kind of etiquette. I've been at a few gigs where I've had to tap people on the shoulder to blow their vape downward. I use a vape myself but have a bit of manners.

It’s outside get over it. We have rights!

At the same time why can’t smokers realise not all of us want to participate? Go to a quiet place where you’re not disturbing anyone, it’s not hard.

Pretty sure they don’t puff it directly at you. Unfortunately, once the vapour leaves our mouths, we have no control of air flow.

I feel the same way about people eating cheese in public. This has to be discussed on Jeremy vine.

100% in agreement, it's just as bad as smoke, these people are just selfish individuals who don't care about anybody but themselves when blowing the smoke or vap over everybody else.

Oh my god! NOT VAPOUR!
How do you cope when walking down the street next to a road full of traffic constantly pumping out carbon monoxide?

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I smoked for 38 years, had asthma and various coughs, switched dto vaping 5 months ago and one more step down and I'm nicotine free... Asthma has gone, coughs have gone, not using any antihistamine or inhalers so.. This research must've been I a very small group.. Maybe they should try asthmatics.

Stopped smoking 6 weeks ago, wish I’d tried vaping before . Best decision iv made.

The research group was small. But not as small your research group of one, i.e. you.

Frances Benedetto-eaves so what were your parameters? Your control? Frequency of examination?
Or are you just researching anecdotes?
Smart enough, I think.

Quick everyone, act suprised!

And how much money did this study cost? >.> A toddler could've told you this..

More harmful than I thought? 'they sure? Because I've always assumed they were pretty harmful: not just the drugs/chemicals you're inhaling, but the whole exploding in your face causing 1st/2nd degree burns and setting your pants on fire bit too. Lol.

'Eating donuts and chips everyday can be damaging to your health but public health advisors say it's still healthier than cocaine!'

been vaping for years done me no harm... much better than smoking bbc should stop scaremongering ..... everyone has a choice do your own investigations before starting to vape..... cigarette companies are worried and the government because they loose out on revenue.... vape is best.

I can't say im surprised. I think its disgusting that people think they can get away with smoking this crap inside buildings. Like anything in time it will become all too clear that its not as safe as people think but will be too late for some puffers.