US school reinstates corporal punishment with paddling


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If the teachers need to use corporal punishment then they themselves are not intelligent enough to teach. Move your children to a new school as fast as you can.

I dnt agree with corporal punishment but, the way this kids are spoiled these days they end up with no respect for their teachers.

The Principal was responsible for paddling in my grade school. I'm pretty sure the inspiration for Mr. Mackey from South Park came from him. Needeless to say no one risked being paddled.

Meeqhael, its the job of parents to teach their kids to behave. Teachers shouldnt have to resort to violence to get kids to pay attention in class. All this does is let parents continue their own spoiled, distrspectful lives. They no longer have to take responsibility for their children.

My dad physically disciplined me as a child. Did it do me good? Not at all. I grew up in fear of my dad. With everything else I suffered in my childhood, I needed a safe loving home. Now I teach my son by explaining the consequences of his actions. I don’t need to hit him to make my point. He understands by the tone of my voice.

Just to clarify I wasn’t a problem child. I made some bad decisions, like all kids do. But I wasn’t horrible.

teaching children its ok to assault someone when they don't do what you want them to do,huge step backwards.

That’s five days I’d use to find another school...

Hitting children only teaches violence. Study after study has proved this. This is a bad school and I would pull my kid out cause they don't beli6in research.

I taught in elementary school for 17 years, and if you need to hit a child, or threaten to hit a child, to maintain discipline, you are not very good at your job.

Why can't they just clean school toilets? Hygiene and life skills. Paddling only teaches that pain and violence are solutions to behavioral problems...not a smart strategy.

I remember paddling, it is brutal for a child to be hit. The teacher
Hitting you is often angry and convinced you deserve it. Hitting a child causes fear, anger and victimizes them in a place where they are supposed to expand their knowledge and explore ideas. That just doesn’t sound right does it?

"USA- moving bass ackwards into history".

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If anyone hit my child with a paddle, they would get that paddle hit over their head ten times as hard! I can't believe I'm even reading this !!

I thought it was 2018 and not 1820.

Let me beat your child or else he can't go to school?

Talking out of turn? That's a paddlin'. Lookin' out the window? That's a paddlin'. Staring at my sandals? That's a paddlin'. Paddlin' the school canoe? Oh, you better believe that's a paddlin'.

I did a report on corporal punishment in schools in the 7th grade over 30 years s ago. I was appalled at my research which revealed how prevalent and still legal the practice was at the time. Sad to see people still believe it’s an appropriate practice. It should be a crime.

The only thing this teaches is that it's okay to hit someone if they do something you don't like. I'm sorry but what century is this school in?!

That’s disgusting. So they physically abuse a child in a private room and it’s legal!? I wouldn’t trust any adult working in a school who is willing to take a bat to a child. There is something deeply wrong with anyone who agrees with this...

I was paddled in the third grade...for talking in class. The principal gave me 3 “licks” which left my backside black and blue and rendered me unable to sleep on my back for weeks. This is unacceptable to allow in schools. Abusing children is not the answer to society’s problems.

I got the "strap" in grade 1 @ 6 years old. It in no way made me a better (or worse) person. It just made me fear the teacher who was 3 times my size and in charge. Thankfully, when my kids reached school age, corporal punishment had been banned. I'm not sure what I would have done had a teacher hit any of my children, but I can guarantee they would no longer be in that teacher's class. There is never a good reason for an adult to hit a child. It simply teaches the child that hitting/bullying is a method of getting your own way.

I hear paddle, I think 50 shades.

We spend a lot more money and time being creative on how to best punish, penalize and jail our youth moreso than how to effectively educate them. Always money for punishment, never enough for crayons, markers, lunches, teachers raises, after school programs or ink to print worksheets. Check your states ranking in education, you’ll see.