US NFL protest player appears in Nike ad


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Can Kneel if he wants as it’s a free country, but by doing so he’s disrespecting US citizens and armed forces.

Except it has nothing to do with them. And many of them support his actions.

No he isn't.

Actually it’s patriotism. The Armed Forces don’t serve for fabric or song they serve for freedom. My father gave his life for it. When people say it’s about music or cloth it’s a slap in the face and it tells you they have no idea what service is.

his statement has nothing to do with disrespect for the armed forces or any veteran.

Plus the Girl Scouts, small dogs and children.

Robin Morrill , if they don’t know this by now, it’s only because they don’t want to know. They want to stay mad.


So in your view, the anthem is more important than the freedoms it supposedly represents?

It was a guy in the armed forces that advised him to kneel as a form of protest... your point?

Yes it does. The words of the national anthem are about sacrificing life for liberty. So yes, to many of us, kneeling during that sacred song is a smack in the face to those who died for freedom. Choose a different song/symbol to protest.

Mark Allan exactly freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom for an African American to move their body as they feel... these are freedoms people gave their lives for and we are going to go ahead and keep them. Nobody needs to approve.

< Veteran. He hasn't disrespected me at all. Besides, I served for freedom, not respect.

NFL protest player Colin Kaepernick chosen by Nike as face of new campaign.

I’m not even American and I know it isn’t unpatriotic to protest police violence. Trump has spread Fake News to say this is unpatriotic.

“It’s a free country.” Of course it is. That’s not the point. He has freedom of speech. His critics do also.

OMG! It's not about that!!! Good Lord, you people frustrate me to no end.

Jean Courtright have you read all the verses of the anthem?

No he isn't. Kneeling has never been disrespectful. Ever! It's the humblest thing you can do besides laying prostrate.

My grandfathers fought the Nazis so that this man and every other in my country have the right to protest. They would be proud.

What’s disrespectful to our citizens is killing them and denying rights. Our armed forces fight for this right among many.

Uhm no he is not.
But my question is do you stand at home when the national anthem is on. I'm pretty sure you don't so you must also be disrespecting us citizens and the armed forces(who btw risk their lives so they we have the freedom to kneel during the anthem)

I wonder just how many of the people that complain about the players kneeling actually put down their beer, get off of their couches or easy chairs and stand at attention when the Nation Anthem comes over the TV sets.

I'm a proud veteran, I served from Aug 1972 to Oct 1979. I did not do it for the flag. The flag is a symbol. I did it for the real freedoms that our Constitution gives all of us. The first amendment guarantees the right to "peaceful protest" and that is what is happening.

On principle, he stuck to his guns and has lost a very well-paid career. If there’s a better example of ‘Just do it’ I can’t think what it is.

‪Some might react by destroying their Nike gear, but keep in mind that thousand more are making their first merchandise purchase to support Colin Kaepernick #JustDoIt campaign. Moreover, Nike gear can be replaced; but once a cop unwarrantedly murders an unarmed Black man- Dead is Dead!! ‬

Thank you Nike, for backing our freedoms, what our soldiers fight for and our flag represents!

In 2016 Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the anthem in protest at police violence against African-Americans.

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America....the land of the FREE...
So surely that includes the freedom to protest...
There are White supremacists walking around with Swastika Flags, where is the backlash around them...where is the President shouting down these guys....American fought to get rid on this....yet its a black American Football player thats getting flack....

Good for Nike. Can’t wait for the bashing, boycotting of Nike from the neo-con Republicans. They will still buy their kids Nike products.

There's 300 million people in the US, some of whom will now stop buying Nike.
Meanwhile, there's over 500 million people in the EU alone who are not forced to worship their own flags and will carry on buying Nike regardless.

Nike will be just fine.

4 U.S. Code §8(c): The flag should never be carried flat or horizontally, but always aloft and free.
Remember this the next time you see a flat flag displayed on a football field. The code is silent on kneeling.

And here comes the pseudo-patriots complaining about this. Biggest bunch of snowflakes.

Well done Nike , and to the faux patriot blowhards just shut up. It’s his First Amendment right, and the facts speak for themselves- he and other African Americans are correct: America is a racist country where people of color are treated as second class citizens by the courts, law enforcement and by too many of their fellow citizens, - Rosa Parks just enabled changes to the laws, but not how too many people think or act.

Adidas, for the first time in decades I will be giving you a rest for a few months- Nike gets my next purchase.

People are already posting video of themselves destroying their Nike merchandise. Maybe too controversial for a spokesperson? How long will Nike hang on?

It amuses me that Nike has been using sweatshops and child labour for years, but use a guy who stands up (pun intended) for what he believes in in an ad and THAT drives people to boycott their products.
Good to see where priorities lie.

*EDIT - to go against part of my point, it kind of bothers me that Nike is capitalizing on and monetizing the issues. I'd hope to see some money donated by either party.

All these morons burning their Nikes... Keep your feet in them and then set them on fire; it's the patriotic thing to do.

You are angry because he is protesting black peoples being killed for little or no reason! Well remember people actually went to lynchings to be entertained.

Kneeling is a sign of respect and solidarity in our culture. Has been for awhile now. That would be why everyone on the field kneels when there is an injured player... not to meantion other examples such as kneeling during a proposal. But sure, this one use of kneeling changes the whole meaning and it actually means the opposite now
🙄 makes total sense. My country is full of idiots.

Looks like I’m buying a pair or two of Nike’s!

Faux patriots favorite whipping boy!
Fake outrage, from an incompetent, illegitimate, low-life of a President who can't even begin to define (or spell) Patriotism. Followed by even bigger idiots! For the love of good, just stop embarrassing yourselves already!

I only buy shoes of brands I know who treat their workers fairly.
Nike has a track record of not treating their workers fairly.
Good try Nike but those poor children you exploit to make your shoes won't cut it.

I don't see it as disrespecting the flag at all. I can't understand the need for all this nationalistic fervour for every's excessive.