US mid-term elections in eight charts


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President Trump will trounce Obama and Hillary again !

You obviously don't watch those 2 liberal scoundrels campaigning for the dems .

Uhm... please go to your polling station and vote for Trump this November. Not to worry if you don't see him on the ballot. He said to just write him in. Make sure you get the word out to ALL your friends.

Rick Richards, you're totally right. Remember to get out and vote republican on Nov 9th!

Surya Khan I read the Bible. No thanks. I don’t bash people for believing in different things so. At least religiously.

you ignorant people are why we have antibullying hate laws . Obama and Clinton really got to you .

You obviously are making things up......Obama has given two speeches and we haven’t seen Hillary in months.....

President Trump is in command until 2024 , get over it !

Their cronies are , hopefully they will be jail buddies soon also .

We had millions of illegal votes for Hillary , legal citizens voted Trump to victory by a landslide and will do it again !

Rick Richards...... you are making things up again..... actually you are believing trumps lies like a good sheep...... after the election, trump claimed 3 million illegals voted for hillary (weird how he just magically came up with that number, he didn’t site any source and that happens to be the exact number hillary beat him by...... hmmmm) trump created an “election counsel” he had the guy from Kansas running it...(kobach) after a few months and a few failed meetings and people dropping out, the counsel disbanded but after multiple agencies and that very counsel saying there is 0 proof that ANY illegals voted in 2016.....they found like 4 instances where there was “illegal” voting but it wasn’t by an “illegal immigrant “....... that’s trumps government saying trump is just making things up hahahahahaha

You are a loser.

Rick, I would honestly like to know what Trump has done that has affected you in a good way?

Why can’t he just choke on his dentures and croak, really. Get it over with. That would be his greatest accomplishment.

Or stroke out on the golf course...

I don't see how Melania can resist the urge to smother him with a pillow when he finally shuts up.

And then Pence takes over, a coherent staunch religious conservative that can unite his party and base, be careful what you wish for.

Joao John Loureiro nope not worried cause Dems are taking over.

"Around the world, anti-democratic leaders pursue two agendas before all else: undermine the free press and erode the independence of law enforcement and the judiciary. Trump has done both, using the reach and authority of his office to attempt to stifle unfavorable reporting as he attacks investigators, judges, and agencies who might also hold him accountable.~~~" That any American accepts the degradation of our Republican, democratic institutions by #45's disgraceful, outrageous under developed, crude bombastic, lying, blowhard characterless wanna be despot is shameful!!! This is not about being a Republican or a Democrat...or whatever,,,, this is about OUR country and OUR Values as patriotic Americans!!! This wanton misuse of the highest office in the land must STOP!!! Check and Balance needs to be restored!! The GOP have become ENABLERS~~~ JUST VOTE FOLKS!!! VOTE ANY AND ALL GOP ENABLERS OUT!! REGISTER NOW!! NOV 2018!!!!

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Blue wave is coming, stock up on the beer guys because there is going to be a world wide party, it will be the biggest party in the world ha ha ha.

Before you rush to judgement, you should maybe understand how the US political system was traditionally meant to work, and how the last three administrations have attempted to dramatically change it...

I never interested US election ever before but i do now..However what on news about Trump is bad so bad in of scaring poor Nations and should be called Trump Terror ....

Americans are too self-absorbed, lazy, spoiled, poorly educated, reality TV drama fans to be concerned with the White House Chief Mobster and Gang. 2016 clearly demonstrated this and not much has changed since Trump POTUS victory.

Blue wave..Tsunami.

Insider tip from America: the democrats suck also.

I imagine it will be about voter turnout.

Certainly wouldn't consult BBC for info regarding our elections. We are shaping our country not any presidency.

Don’t vote for him.

Donald Trump's presidency? What presidency?

I can't wait to vote and do my part to change this disgraceful administration.

Protip: don't nominate communists.

The face of hate.

Vote vote blue vote blue.

Hearing Obama's last two speeches...Gives me hope again. Sure do miss real leadership in the WH.

Time to ram it down, judgement for the tyrant!

Can't wait to vote on the coming election.

Save us allies from across the pond!

I dont need to know anything!!!!!

What we know already is the Big Tech companies are doing everything it can to shutdown or silence conservatives and anyone else challenging the democrat line!