University says a Florida candidate who claims to be an alum never graduated, and the diploma in her photo is not accurate


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Can't wait till you guys have to retract the story because she used her maiden name when she went to collage.

We know you can't spell, collage (sic) is college, but, seriously, can you read????

You obviously didn't bother to actually read the article.

I literally just made money on a bet that the 1st comment would be a grammar nazi thank you so much.

Psst, this news originated from a conservative Florida web site, and she's claiming this is sabotage by her Republican opponent. There's a link with information.

Do you think she used collage to make that fake diploma? Read the article. Your attempt to deflect is blown out of the water therein.

The university already checked her maiden name, dear. They also pointed out the incorrect name of the degree itself (does not exist) and the wrong signatory names on it. Didn't bother to actually read the article, which sure shows you up as a total fool. Oops.

Her college degree has been called into question by the very university that she claimed to have graduated from. Despite that, her spokesperson referred to the discrepancy as "fake news".

You people are such morons I only made this post to win a bet and I did thank you good night.

So you made a bet that you could be called out as an idiot by being an idiot?

The Derp is strong with this one, folks.

You boob....her degree she says she obtained doesn't even exist at that C.O.L.L.E.G.E. And that is because of her maiden name?? You need to have your drinking water tested for high lead levels.

University says a Florida candidate who claims to be an alum never graduated, and the diploma ...JPG

So she claims to have a degree from this university.
The university disputes it but instead of admitting it she doubles down and calls the university fake news. And the sad thing will be is that people will believe her over the university.
So long critical thinking and intellectual curiosity. It was nice while it lasted.

She believes her own lies so much that she is willing to run in an election and think nobody will look into it. No wonder her husband had a heart attack - he probably just found out the truth also. She's perfect for today's republican party!

Because actual facts just don't matter to Republicans. Cue all the trolls screaming "CNN is fake news."

Miami is better known as J Crew U by other Ohio students for the abnormal number of preppy young Republicans it attracts. She was probably only there grab a pre-professional future husband.

No surprise here.Trump claim to be a successful business man. All his ventures failed. His existence now is just a big Ponzi scheme.

The college administration is fake news??? Sounds like someone has an integrity issue. Should have gone to Trump U....

I don’t believe you can pay for a university such as the university of Miami ($$$$$) by waiting tables. No way.