UK Rail union angry at fare suggestion


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You can see what he's doing i hope? Make people think that high fares are due to overpaid staff rather than private profiteering. Divide and rule i think its called.

Well Southern train drivers did except a 28.5%pay rise over 5 years taking their pay to around £60,000,funny as well how the strike action over driver operated doors was dropped as well.

But the train companies still take in massive profits. It the shareholders are making making money why shouldn’t the workers get a piece of that? I mean they’re the ones that actually make the money.

Average train driver salary, £47k pa, secondary teacher, £32k.
Why should hard working teachers pay for the luxurious lifestyle of train drivers?

UK Transport Secretary Chris Grayling says rail fares and staff wages should be calculated using a lower inflation measure.

Bring Back British Rail!

because the trains would be run for the benefit of the fare paying passengers, not the shareholders.
It’s not rocket science.

I know the network is subsidised by the taxpayer! I also know the shareholders are benefitting rather than the fare paying passengers...

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It’s a crazy set-up, zero incentive to care about service, if the company fails its only a few management that goes and half would be employed back by the new management. If losing a franchise meant everyone lost their job, I wonder if services might improve....

We need a service that's run for customers. Not share holders.

He should explain why when the government is 'committed to ease pollution', he’s cancelled electrification to Sheffield, where pollution around the station is one of highest in the city. There’s now evidence that many diesels have failed, due to overheating, where they have been introduced on London-Wales route.

If the CPI is good enough for the Armed Forces, it’s good enough for these people!

That said, make the wages as high as you want and the ticket prices to boot, then wait for it all to collapse when your customers find alternative transportation!

Can Mr. Grayling advise the tax payer how the salary for an MP is calculated?

Argh BBC News it's "another THINK coming" not another thing!!!!

yes because staff don't have mortgages to pay so we shouldn't use that in pay calculations. I strongly dislike the fares on trains, the tariffs on Gas, Electric and Water, but you know what... it's tough... These services were privatized to earn a quick buck and reduce Tax down to 40% for the high earners who could afford the shares in the first place. Everyone predicted what would happen so it is no good crying over it now. The Government however do seem to set the rules i.e. inflation plus.. so maybe Grayling would like to actually do his job rather than keep passing the buck.

While the rest of the country have struggled to get a pay rise, Railway employees having been getting significant rises over these years of austerity, all thanks to a strong union backing and the treat of industrial action.
The railway industry is stuck in the seventies with the unions ruling the roost like a scene from Carry on at your Convenience.