U.S. woman, son fighting for lives after giraffe attack


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I'm gonna stick my neck out and say maybe we shouldn't get too close to wild animals.

I‘m gonna stick my neck out and say maybe it would be helpful to read the article before judging.

Anja Beuter why the long face? What makes you think I haven't read the article and that I'm blaming anyone? It's an unfortunate situation. Have a nap.

Female giraffe with her calf should have been a flag up to be cautious, I’m thinking; hope all involved are safe and well...

From what I've read they're speculating that the mom got too close to the calf. And giraffes aren't the most aggressive wild animals out there so maybe the mom wanted her baby to see the calf up closer, thinking she was safe. What people have to remember is that when they're in the wild they're not in a petting zoo and a mother giraffe isn't going to know the difference between a human and a predator. Very sad, hope the mom and baby are able to recover.

Omggggg how many of the punters on here actually READ? Jeezes. They’re scientists, they LIVE on the reserve, they know what they’re doing and this was an unfortunate incident of an encounter. They didn’t try and pet the zoo animals, hand feed or catch a ride. They weren’t exiting a vehicle in an enclosure and swatting at cheetahs. Ffs. READ.
Holy hell.

Another example of someone with no common sense regarding wild animals. This isn’t a Disney mechanical attraction!!!!

It sucks that people who care for animals get hurt. I wish they successfully trampled more poachers and trophy hunters.

I feel like any smart mother would know not to get close to a mother and baby animal like that's straight up common sense...

Strange that scientists with post-PhD experience in animal-related fields who live & work on a reserve do not know to respect wild animals with young. Hope they have a speedy recovery. Please do not shoot the giraffe for its normal protective behaviour.

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They must have been very close to them to have been trampled.The female was protecting her baby. don;t these tourists have any common sense?

This is terribly sad....The Giraffe was with her calf and I'm guessing protecting it just as any mother would...

I hope both mothers and babies are ok.

At least the dad/husband doesn't blame the giraffe and understands how and why it happened and isn't calling for it to be shot or anything x such a sad incident x hope all recover and lessons are learnt x.

Should not have been out of the vehicle. They tell you that constantly. Sorry your lesson was so harsh.

The giraffe was protecting her calf. They should have kept their distance.

Unfortunate incident really sad the mother giraffe knows to protect her calf and PhD holding mother doesn't know to protect her child anyway my prayers for a speedy recovery.

I really do not understand why people who have a phd in animal related fields didn't think that a giraffe or any wild animal for that matter that has young would be a threat if they got to close to them.