Two men die after road rage fight in California


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Better known as "car"-ma.

From carmax.

It's weird that I live in California but haven't heard of this, but i find out from bbc?

When murders are commonplace they don’t get much press domestically.

One driver allegedly chased and hit another with a pipe or bat on a California highway.

Men killed in California highway brawl identified.

This is not something that should evoke smirks, guffaws & feelings of smug satisfaction. It's nauseating all the way around.

Sounds like a self-contained situation. Next!

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Just when karma disappoints you, it makes helluva comeback!

When Jesus really does take the wheel.

This isn't just LA, crowded conditions and people who drive just to piss others off for fun is everywhere. Can't even honk at some dangerous move someone made w/o being chased down. Beyond crazy.

and this is news worthy why?

Karma. Sometimes it comes quick...this time it was waiting.

I bet the driver's relieved to know that nobody's going to miss this guy.

That karma ran over his dogma.

Carmageddon Is real.

Life & Death...USA style! We have met the Enemy.....and They Are Us!!

Sadly this is not a surprise here in CA. Get a hold of your emotions people.