Two British tourists among seven injured in Paris knife attack


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When I heard of it I was sure it had been another of those radical orthodox Tibetan Buddhists....

Maj, Oh right, the one that sprayed bullets while crying out in, "Jesus name I redeem thee!" lol!

“Sources said there was no indication it was a terrorist attack.”

Is this a joke? Why else would he attack? The high cost of croissants?!

Also the cost of Baguettes

Because he’s just a crazy person ?

Does every attack have terrorist motivations behind it? Or is it only when they're from another country?

Wow... The shocking amount of erased comments. Might as well dont publish the news.

Are you sure you're not just viewing "Most Relevant" comments instead of "all" or "most recent"? "Most Relevant" seems to hide a lot of very relevant comments, and it's done on facebook's end.

As an immigrant who disagrees with all the discrimination of the american immigration system, I must say, I WAS NEVER a fan of refugees immigration. Not because they do not deserve it, but because lack of screening. And because I was friends of people who deserved citizenship and rights WAY MORE than those people coming in and getting it all easy. There are tons of immigrants like me who have worked hard to be where we are.

James Ozment yep...people will find conspiracies rather than troubleshoot their Facebook setting almost every time.

facebook's "most relevant" algorithm is totally opaque, and seems to filter out a lot more than just people tagging other people. I've suspected that it's being trained to recognize and hide certain viewpoints.

Better than "active shooter kills dozens" aye America?

So, when is the knife ban coming?

Some Afghan national was just feeling pissy and so he took out after people with a knife. But it's not a terrorist attack. Why do governments keep covering crap like this up? It's pretty apparent it was a terrorist attack.

Paris is so beautiful. I hope that authorities do their best in keeping it safe and that ppl stop doing evil things and maintain peace.

my Allah senses are tingling.

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I came here for the comments not the news and there are only 8 comments
😂, why it’s showing 33 comments.

89 comments, more than half deleted.

Bbc ya free speech fascists.

BBC keeps deleting comment why??


again and again, thank you for accepting more refuge
🖕 only citizen suffer the MP living in a nice secure and beautiful place.

So much for gun control stopping violence....

I’m sure this is the last time this happens.

It says 29 comments.. I only see 8.. BBC News?

When are they going to ban automatic knives?

Let's let in more Muslims.

A French police source said: "At this stage there is nothing to indicate that it could be a terrorist attack." Other than the fact this attack pretty much defines terrorism, he's right.

So what? This happends every week but with less victims, you should've get used to it by now, it's just cultural enrichment stop being racist.

Nothing to see here... just part and parcel.... keep scrolling... everything will be fine as long as you keep pretending there's no problem...