Tuyen Quang stop the procession of lights, Hanoi play the early autumn - Mid-Autumn 2018 Vietnam


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Due to this year's Mid-Autumn Festival on Monday (September 24), many families in Hanoi have sent their children to play in the middle of the weekend from the previous three days, while Tuyen Quang City officially stopped the procession. Mid-Autumn Festival is held every year.
Mid-Autumn Festival 2018 in Hanoi

For the people of Hanoi, every mid-autumn festival, the old town area is always an ideal place for families and teenagers to have fun, shopping and enjoy the atmosphere of the full moon festival. This year, Mid-Autumn Festival on the second day (24/9) so many people rushed to the old town play area early autumn. According to Zing, from last Friday evening (September 21), thousands of people flocked to Hang Ma, Luong Van Can, Hang Luoc streets, making the place crowded. Families with young children and teens can only move slowly. It is difficult to stand still because of overcrowding and will cause "traffic congestion".

Mid-Autumn Festival 2018 to fall to the moon
Many families in Hanoi rushed to the Mid-Autumn Festival. (Photo: Zing)
Mid-Autumn Festival 2018 to fall to the moon
Hanoi Old Quarter vibrant color every Mid-Autumn Festival. (Photo: Zing)
Being familiar with the crowded and seemingly also the "specialty" of Hanoi on every occasion holidays, families, men and women still enjoy the atmosphere of colorful Autumn Moon in Ha Cabinet. The baby holds his lights with a cheerful face, while the older children are delighted with the horror mask.

Evening 21/9, in Lake Van - Van Mieu Quoc Tu Giam, cultural events "Memories of the Moon" has launched also attracts hundreds of visitors. Along with re-enacting traditional space of the Mid-Autumn Festival with many folk games, the event also attracted the attention of young children, young people with 400 lanterns illuminated. While young children are learning to make stars, mooncakes, masks and masks, the boys and girls come here for check-in, the ao dai takes photos, reviews the mid-autumn festival larvae. This event lasted for 3 days from 21 to 23 September.

Mid-Autumn Festival 2018 to fall to the moon
"Memory of the Moon" with many games, attractive activities attract young children and adults.
Yesterday 23/9 Japan Day at The Manor Central Park also welcomed many young people to attend the festival in a very special way and unique. The festival begins at 9am, re-enacting the 36 streets into districts that look like Japan, thousands of young people have experienced the atmosphere of a "miniature Japan" in the heart of Hanoi. In addition to activities such as making lanterns, making moon cakes, tugging, jumping ..., young people also enjoy the typical Japanese dishes such as takoyaki, ramen, sushi, mocha ...

Tuyen Quang stop the procession of lights, Hanoi play the early autumn - Mid-Autumn 2018 Vietnam.JPG

Mid-Autumn 2018 in Tuyen Quang

Contrary to the early autumn atmosphere in Hanoi, Tuyen Quang City officially stopped the procession of the Mid-Autumn Festival. According to To Hoang Linh, Deputy Secretary of the City Party Committee, Chairman of Tuyen Quang City People's Committee said that the city decided to stop the main opening ceremony, the first cultural festival of the province before sad news President Tran Dai Quang died.

Mid-Autumn Festival 2018 to fall to the moon
Mid-Autumn Festival to become bright Tuyen in 2017. (Photo: Tien Phong)
The Tuyen Quang Festival, known as the colorful Mid-Autumn Festival, was held in 2004, when spontaneous urban groups modeled the Mid-Autumn Lamp with large-scale animals. This festival of moonlight has attracted a lot of curiosity, interest of children as well as visitors here.

The excitement of the festival has spread, causing the provincial People's Committee to decide to upgrade to a provincial festival in 2014. This is a large festival has set many Guinness record as " many models of Vietnam's largest and unique Mid-Autumn Lamp, "Vietnam's Largest Lamp Cage" and "Vietnam's largest Moon Cake".

2018 is the fifth year of Tuyen Quang province to celebrate Thanh Tuyen Festival, on the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival, is expected to last from September 20 to September 24 with many special activities. However, on September 21, Tuyen Quang City officially announced stopping procession of Mid-Autumn Festival.