Turkey accuses US of 'stab in back' as currency woes persist


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Although the Turkish Lira is suffering in the short term, it will benefit Turkey in the long term as it will now force it to liberate itself from the US Dollar, trade in national currencies, establish a cryptocurrency, closer ties to regional states like Russia and Iran, etc.

BRICS countries are going to cause havoc to US especially when they stop trading in US dollar. While US focuses on short term goals, BRICS countries are gaining strength and Turkey was recently invited to the BRICS SUMMIT. You know what that means? IRAN will join.

End the US dollar control over oil and watch the US crumble to nothing.

Trump will not be content until he has decimated the economies of the world. We worried about Bush and "The New World Order", wake up it's looking us in the face now. This man has to be stopped. He is a pathological egotist and liar with delusions of epic proportions.

The US slapped sanctions on Ankara, and now Turkey can't seem to stop its currency sliding.

I don’t know if you’ve looked lately but Trump said he was ‘gonna make America great again’. America is now probably the most ridiculed nation on earth with an economy based on high debt and high poverty. And lies, lots of lies. Sad really.

We are the soldiers of Ataturk's who was made everything to save and make better our Turkey. All of us promised that we will come after him.Until now we keep our word and we will always. While YOU are thinking about some kind of strategies,we always reach our purpose.. Don't worry,just wait!

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As an English teacher in Turkey it is impossible to visit a foreign country anymore. My salary is 500 dollars monthly by today... Even not enough to buy a plane ticket! It's a terrible situation when one of your students asks you whether you have been in a foreign country..!

There is not any standardisation or technical specification that you can do a check-list through it whether a country shows solely the symptoms as democracy or not. If Turkey were not a democracy, It would not have been in NATO for ages by her own wish...

Another anti-NATO policy, plays right into Putin's hands.

Actually, Everybody need be afraid of Turkey.Because Turkey can change all balance in the world.

U.S taxes on aluminum imports will make life more expensive for its manufacturers which use the metal to make high value products like cars, because the U.S. doesn't have the capacity to produce what it needs.

Erdogan doesn't understand the meaning of tactical withdrawal. He should learn to differentiate battles he can/cannot win!