This is Chase Johnsey – the first ever gender-fluid ballerina to dance with the English National Ballet


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It's a really weird thing, caring so much about how another human defines themselves. How is your day impacted in any way if someone you don't know identifies in a way you don't understand?

So it must impact your day in some way since you had to take the time to call others out for doing the same thing because you yourself don't understand.

Yawn. You've missed the point. Unsurprisingly.

It's not about how another human defines themselves. It's about whether their assumed gender is adequate to the role and performance they put on stage. Your comments show that you know nothing about ballet dancing.

How can someone's gender be 'adequate to the role'? That's utter tosh! It's the individual who needs to be adequate. Or in this, exceptional.

How very elegant, talented and beautiful he looks. Looks just the part, his parents will be so proud of him.

You can't say "his parents", today he/it may be feeling like a female.
See how stupid that sounds?

He still mentioned in video that he's male, but sometimes feels like a she, or a he, or a mix of both (gender wise).

This is some beautiful dancing.

If you see him wearing female clothes it makes it easy to know he wants to be called a "she" that day. But in doubt reffer to him as they/them.

This is Chase Johnsey – the first ever gender-fluid ballerina to dance with the English Nati...JPG

'it ' is quite degrading. Does it matter? He/she is a fantastic dancer. Gender matters not. Kate Peterson I've never made a silly comment in my life. You can be what you want to be. Your own life is what you make it without unnecessary judgement.

No, he really doesn't look the part, he looks like a male ballet dancer. Women's bodies are different than men's and he may feel gender fluid, but his body is male.

At the end of the day, it should be talent that gets you parts. Why should this have anything to do with it?

Cannot agree more.

that’s literally the message chase is trying to say. they literally said in the video that they recognised the dancing talent for the part.

Cool, just one less job for a women....

One should be allowed to define themselves however the heck you want, by no means is an easy road to travel for him. Dance on you are amazing!!!! forget the narrow minded people.

Why is everyone up in arms about the word gender fluid? Is it affecting your life? Can you dance like that? No probably not, so let someone who want to pursue their passion and dream LIVE and let them see if change is possible in this world. The talent and dedication to ballet is extraordinary lets focus on that instead of how they identify. Kindness goes a long way people.

Each to their own, I really don't understand why some people get so upset by gender fluidity or other people's choices, it doesn't hurt you! I was served by a man, with full makeup, dress and breasts with beard stubble and short hair in a shop today - I was struck by how wonderful it is that people feel able to express themselves how they want these days, (mostly) unjudged by society. No one in the shop batted an eyelid....

How is a real male partner going to lift 180 lbs? Most real female ballerinas are the weight of a horse jockey and below(115lbs)

I’m more concerned by the message which is being portrayed with regarding eating/fasting! Also, Matthew Bournes Swan Lake has entirely male swans. They are beautiful and you don’t think for a minute that they should be female.

WTG young man! Homosexuals, transsexuals have been around since time immemorial so why not accept them instead of always castigating? I'm lucky enough to have many friends of many races, creeds, colours, religions and sexuality: I love them all for their hearts nothing else!

get rid of 'male' and 'female' and just call us humans, people, come up with a 'gender neutral' pronoun' and be done with it. Then let all the homophobes try and figure out who to hate!