The Trump campaign wants to sell Space Force gear, and they're asking you to pick a design


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Does anyone else find it ironic that the same people supporting this space force nonsense , are the same folks who don't support science?

The Office of Science and Technology Policy as been vacant since Trump became President

The president's campaign sent out an email to supporters asking them to vote on a new logo for the Space Force that would be printed on a new line of campaign gear.

They spelled farce wrong.

No money for schools, higher ed, student debt, seniors, veterans, infrastructure, healthcare, but this? oh yea plenty of money for a 6th branch of the military!

Pretty much. You have teachers with side jobs hoping to make enough to supply their classrooms. But screw the kids and their education, how bout a 6th branch.

Don't forget his $3 million-plus golfing weekends!

The Trump campaign wants to sell Space Force gear, and they're asking you to pick a design.JPG

What I want to know is how this is getting paid for? We already have NASA and Airforce, seems like we are already covered.

Pure and utter scam. He and his people know full well this will never happen but, boy, is he going to make a mint off the merch.

When I see Space Force, all I think of is Space Jam. Where are Bugs Bunny & Michael Jordan when you need 'em?!

I love these 1985 space shuttle concepts, does this mean we will ignore science here too?

They look like fake versions of NASA logos from movies and TV Shows ! No self respecting Man or Woman in Our Military is going to join the Space Force with those logos!

I mean, the second one in the first row and the first one in the second row show the Space Shuttle, don't they? Do Spanky and whomever he hired (probably for a fairly hefty fee) realize that the Space Shuttle program isn't operating any more?

I’m surprised he doesn’t want to build a space wall to keep space aliens out!!!!

There have been zero(0) alien
👽 abductions since Trump announced Space Force.


I think not.

OMG! this man is a clown! get him out before he wastes more of our time and money! How about we help keep Medicare fluid and pay back social security or at least stop stealing from the fund instead of wasting money on "Space Force" gear...My God when will this end?

Meanwhile, they strip away healthcare for Americans , put kids in cages, now coming after Social Security and Medicare, the list is endless. How evil can this stinking, rotten swamp be?

I’m gonna take my pet unicorn to the opening ceremony for this!

I like mars awaits. Yes, we have been there with a Rover. It would be interesting to get boots on the ground and see what more scientific breakthroughs we can make!

Looks like something Disney Staff would wear at Space Mountain the ride.
😂 What a joke!

We have officially reached the highest level of stupidity.