The Carr fire has now scorched an area larger than the city of San Francisco


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89,194 and only 5% contained. I have fire on 3 sides of me. It’s unbelievable how fast this fire has spread. It’s absolutely devastating.

We are in this weird little bubble where the fire isn’t coming east towards downtown Redding so until it changes direction we’re safe-ish but ready to evacuate.

I hope for safety for you and your loved ones. Don't know you but wish you well and safe.

Thank you BBC News for covering our local tragedy. Unfortunately another death has been confirmed, bring the death total up to 6. 4 civilians and 2 firefighters.

Alarming all the fires around the world right now and climate related disasters. This is what happens when you chop forests down and produce toxic waste. We have to wake up and all rise to protect our planet - we only have one place to live.

It’s not a climate related disaster; it’s man made by having poor forest management. But hey I get it, it doesn’t fit your agenda. It's nature. It would happen without humans. It needs to happen.

It’s sad to see this happening. My prayers for here in the West to get some much needed rain we need !!

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Let us All produce More crude oil based Plastics that entangle ocean life, burn more Fossil fuel and Chop down more forest
😁 for More Money! Well, thats what humans had done, n this is one of the unfortunate consequences. Who is to blame? Ourselves (full stop).

Living right here in California, I can tell you it is poor forest management that is making these fires worse.

SONOMA COUNTY sends its support. Also our First Responders. We all send our love and respect to the First Responders. Californians Together. Blessings!

My friends in Redding evacuated their home yesterday. They have not been allowed to go back as yet they don't even know if their house is still standing. they have nowhere else to go if anything does happen. Pray for everybody in Redding California.

I think it’s actually almost 90,000 acres. It’s so horrible.

Only see from the far away.
Nobody can help those afraid PEOPLE.
Like government TRUMP must be concerned in how help to endanger PEOPLE
Instead of enjoying trips of pleasures.

Dear friends, we have to awake in every minute. The world is going destroy day by day. Jesus will come back very soon. God bless you and peace be with you all. Amen.

The fire just took its 6th human casualty.

Very sad hope things improve soon.

It’s actually 84,000 acres, doubling in size since yesterday. The size of Philadelphia.

It’s almost 90,000 acres now.

So dreadful. Can’t imagine the fear! Prayers for it soon to be extinguished.

🌧 rain and lots of it!!!