Texas officer officer kills man after entering wrong apartment


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Who among us hasn't come home from work, found we couldn't use our key on our door, forced open the door, found ourselves in an apartment which had radically different furnishings than when we had left for work, discovered a shocked and confused man who claims to being living there, and then shot that man?

It's a mistake anybody could make here in the USA.

I have, but burst into fits of laughter when key wouldn’t work, then scurried up another flight of stairs to my correct flat.

Very tipsy on a Friday after work.

Anyone who can't tell her apartment from a neighbor's should have no business being a police. How was she able to enter another's apartment, or do they all share the same locks and keys? How couldn't she tell she was in the wrong place - smell, furniture arrangements, decor, etc?

David Wicker I have to disagree with you. As a general surgery resident we work 24+ hour shifts and are still expected to keep all our patients alive. If a mistake is made the excuse of "I was tired" isn't going to cut it. Mind you keeping patients alive (and all the jobs you mentioned above) requires a little bit higher level of thinking than "oh is this my apartment?"

Doesn't count as news in America. It happens regularly. "oops, wrong house, sorry we threw a flash grenade in your baby's crib".

That doesn't mean it doesn't happen all the time, because it does. There is 5 minutes of outrage, nothing happens and no one is held accountable and then the same thing happens again. Just google "cops wrong house" and then tell me again how "outrageous" it is.

Even if this officer is never prosecuted, an error such as this should preclude her ever having a job in law enforcement ever again.

Why do they always have to kill- How about hands in the air or a shot in the leg! I’m sorry she’s guilty of murder! Feel bad for her but so irresponsible! Come on not right! How can you even say self defense? It was his home!

How can you feel bad for her? She murdered an innocent person in his own home.

I entered the wrong apartment one day (I was on the wrong floor). No one got hurt, no one got shot, no one got killed.

The incident is really a sad commentary on the current state of our Society. In most of the UK police officers don't carry firearms.

Here in the States our officers don't even have enough sense to say "Who are you?" or "What are you doing in my home?" or etc etc etc.

Instead, we just pull a gun and kill.

WTF happened to this Country?

The intentional misinterpretation of 2nd amendment on top of fundamental "my-rights-above-all-others" arrogance.

So she breaks and enters his home and shoots him and is put on paid leave during an investigation ? His mother is right as soon as you walk in you would know it wasn’t your place.

Who knew being observant was a prerequisite to being a cop?

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This is exactly why NFL players kneel. This was a straight up murder. Imagine being happily in your home. Only to then be murdered by the very person who is supposed to protect you. I hope they lock her up, but being how she was a police officer and he was black, she’ll likely get a slap on the wrist. There is no justice.

Unless everything was identical in their places or she was seriously impaired, I call BS on her thinking she was in her own apartment. Want the entire story.

That's what happens when you shoot first and ask questions later. I believe she didn't realize the furniture/decor was different to hers.