Tallest statue in the world takes shape in India


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And the UK give millions of pound of aid, yet they waste all this money on a folly. And they're got a space program.

I wonder if you’d say that to an Indian doctor when you’re in A&E.

Pakistan also gives aid... Remember..!!

You know the British empire ruled india with the barrel of a gun for 200 year right? Try not to think of it as foreign aid and more us paying back the money we stole, if that makes you feel better.

Andrew James Neil absolutely.

Andrew James Neil another sad case going on about history that happened hundreds of years ago.

They're actually doing something practical and useful with the space programme, though.

Practical and useful would be feeding your poor?

See, if someone is returning money which they had stolen for 200 years is not called as AID. Its called paying debt. Your history is weak.

Varun does Britain claim money from the Italians, from the Spanish, from the Scandinavians, from the French who invaded our lands? No!
Besides, everyone knows that India was better under British rule.

Wales for a United Kingdom how about minding your own business, a perfect plan isn't it??

True but if you look at a photograph of Calcutta during British rule it is clean and tidy with wonderful architecture, motorcars, grand buildings and glorious statues of kings and queens with smartly dressed people with neatly mown lawns. Now if you look at a photograph of Calcutta today you can see slums and ghettos and former glorious buildings crumbling all around as people ride around with mules and carts and sewerage running all around the streets, I’m not saying anything but India appears to have gone backwards after the British left, judging from photographic evidence at least.

Britain stopped giving aid to India some years ago.

Wales for a United Kingdom ofcourse the whole world would be better under British rule isn't it?

You have a point. Our county must not waste money on such things. By the way, how about giving a thought to return all the money and wealth looted during the colonial era. The moment someone raises this question, many people start asking for proof then let me say your forefathers did not spent many decades in India just to hunt the Tigers or grow tea on the foothills of Himalaya, they in fact made a lot of money on which your economy flourished. It's something which is still keeping the developed status intact. Speaking of the space programme, I think you need to observe how ISRO grew up as an institution with limited resources. Moreover, the Aid you were referring to, well that's nothing Infront of the amount which was looted. Had you only mentioned about that statue I would not have reacted but an unnecessary comment on the space programme shows your colonial mindset.

Wales for a United Kingdom Did the photographic evidence not show the Bengal Genocide orchestrated by your war hero Churchill?

Nikita Chatterjee Singh how about feeding your poor, build basic infrastructures, provide cheap and proper housing for the poor while clearing up the slums, eliminate rampant and endemic corruption and abolish caste system? why this obsession with statues?

Nikita Chatterjee Singh Let it be yaar. Jalte hain humse. They have forgotten that when they were part of EU our PM Manmohan Singh gave a 10 Million dollar aid to support economic stability. So that should suffice I guess.

So there building a statue costing £330 million and we give aid to this country.What planet are we on.

Dont live in la la land lol. Brush up your knowledge. India has not accepted any aid on space programs by UK. They have rejected it. Period.

OK I hereby authorize you to take back the aid.

Norman Revell The UK is to hand over £98m to India despite the country spending almost the same on a lunar probe.

As part of the UK's aid budget, the Department for International Development (DfID) will give £52m this year and a further £46m in 2019/20.

It comes despite India spending £95.4m on the lunar probe, Chandrayaan-2, which is set to launch in January.

Consider it repairations for what you took from them.

I'm just waiting for Trump to see this and want to spend U.S. tax dollars building an even bigger one of him here.

I am baffled. I recently returned from India and I learnt that they do provide free education and lunch for the children, health is also free and is the fastest growing economy in the world, growing 8% per annum. So they are heading in the right direction. But what gets me is the masses of hungry people and the issue with plastic pollution. It’s seems the environment suffers when the economy grows. Please spend the money cleaning up human waste that the beloved holy cows are rummaging through to find food and ending up sick.

Till the Shivaji Statue is installed off Mumbai .Just wait ! The competition of the statues ! Everything else can wait - poverty , malnutrition , education,health services , infrastructure ,cleanliness,defence, employment ,etc etc !!

Such a waste of money...when millions in the country are deprived of basic necessities..poor infrastructure
.and what not..

Tallest statue in the world takes shape in India.JPG

A view of the construction site of the "Statue of Unity" portraying Sardar Vallabhbhai.

if Patel ji was alive...he would have spend all this money on infrastructure...not on statues....not good job Gov of India.

Just what India needs
🙄 money well spent.

We are sorry for the abomination that is our Prime Minister. He clearly cound't care less about the countless real problems of the country, spending precious resources on vanity projects instead.

If modi has that kind of cash to throw at a statue, why is everyone sending millions in aid to India ?

Surely a huge statue of a God, Goddess or Buddha or even Mahtma Gandhi might have been more appealing and would certainly have attracted more tourism.

Wonderful for the image of the nation .... but I’m sure the starving and poverty stricken multiple millions would rather have a bowl of food and clean water ....

Obscene amount of money to spend in any country where there are homeless children sleeping on the streets.

It should be some kind of good message/symbol so it that it becomes world famous and tourist/learning spot for researchers...

There is wrong notion of India...we don't take any aid from europe or any country any more...it a self sustaining economy with GDP growing at 8%...infact we have rescued many major businesses in so called developed world. The fact is we are such a huge country and having population where we have 50 odd cities trying to develop like any other big Metro...have we had just 5 cities, i am sure all cities would look like London or NY...by the way I agree it is pure waste of Money which could be used for basic amenities...BUT you never know this statue could be tourist attraction around the world in 30 years similarly to Eiffel tower and Statue of Liberty which are earning millions and at one point in history people said it was waste...

First as an Indian I feel this is completely stupid. This money should have been spend on some useful investment. Now, on a different note for all who cry about the aid UK gives, the aid you guys claim to give to all the Commonwealth countries you exploited is a mere tokenism and an acknowledgement of your history. I don't blame the current generation for it but please don't be ignorant about it. The total aid India receive is 254 million but we give more than 900 million in aid to other countries. So please stop cryngin..

How appropriate that India is honouring a terrorist leader and a bully and declares him as a 'Hero'. India is proving to be a terrorist tyranny and the world's worst fake democracy .

Good for them, every country should have a statue to honour such a person ......but, dear oh dear, we give millions in aid to India yet millions can be found to erect this magnificent statue.....please explain why this should happen.. I’m all for giving aid to developing countries but really......

All of those saying we should give AID to India, let me give you a good advice, plan a programme, select a date and time and go tell this to your government, 10 Downing street is the address if you don't know, go protest over there, these comments are not going to British parliament. Our money, our choice, we will do whatever we want, don't like it? That's not really our problem.

Great, the £100 million UK aid has obviously helped them build this statue of a little known local politician. £330 million? Alot of cronies would have filled there brown paper bags full! That amount of money could have built a town in that part of India and helped tens of thousands off from poverty....

How many cows would be sacrificed after its completion??

Millions starving and they waste £330m or just over 3 years of UK aid- on this.