Taiwan's president says no one can 'obliterate' country's existence ahead of US visit


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Pitbull on Objectified?? ZZZZZ ! I skipped it. tell that tmz dude to get more guests that we care about. What a joke. Steven Tyler one was good.

China wants to phase them out of existence like the liberals want to phase out our history.

Start with slavery and their involvement. Then the fact the democratic party wants to deny they founded the KKK a d use them as a strong arm of the party well into the 80s. The fact the democratic party accepted donations and endorsements from the KKK. Let's dont forget your party endorsed Adolph Hitler..

Your history? You mean your slave owning ancestors history — a severely racist mentality which you inherited and are so deeply absorbed in?

Good thing for Taiwan that Hillary isn’t president, she’d hang them out to dry.

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen vowed that “no one can obliterate Taiwan’s existence” on Sunday amid pressure from China to stamp out references to the island.

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She's right ... No one is likely to forget about Taiwan! Hell, There are probably more "Made In Taiwan" labels in the world than Bibles!

China wants to own Taiwan but it does not want to own North Korea? So where is the one China policy? A bumpy silk road ?

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I love Taiwan and the people! Live strong! And never give up your freedom to communists.

The country won independence from China. Taiwan's government is very different from China's.

Loved shopping in Tapei......and the food. Of course, that was many years ago.

If ROC falls so does the rest of the Pacific rim.

Donald trump is going to make Taiwan greatagain MAGA

China is a big threat to a lot of peace loving nations.

These are policies that will ensure the collapse of China.

Thank you to the Republican Party for upholding the US Taiwan relations act and protecting us from Chinese aggression. God bless America!