Steve Bannon warns ambitious ex-minister not to 'bow at altar of political correctness' by apologising over burka row


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It is beyond me, why these people flee their own Countries, because of repression, only to slowly enforce repression in the UK, slowly turning the Country into the exact same place they left because they didn't like it...


Infiltrate and breed.

'Don't bow at the altar of political correctness'

While I agree with what he said, it shouldn't have been said. He is in a high influential position, and he should have just kept his opinion in a small circle. It is their choice to wear Burkhas, just like it's his choice to have that bizarre hair cut! I am for free speech, but sometimes the fall out is just not worth it!

it’s our business when they visit us in our businesses! We drive pass them and can’t see their faces, I had one hit my wing mirror and drive off. Luckily it was not more serious. Also the security considerations!
Even more if it’s their freedom to wear such things, is it not also our freedom not to have any interaction with them? Bus driver recently was disciplined because he would not allow such a woman with a full face covering on a bus he was responsible for!
They are all so easy to call us racists.

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I don't like Boris but I agree with his comment. They are in UK wanna look like a letter box go to ur own country.

BORIS FOR PM to deal with the letter boxes accordingly send the lot home!!

We can’t have a two standard society. If it’s no to ski masks and motorcycle helmets it’s no to all.

Boris is a great politician he has said whot.a lot.of people think not really eney harm done .Its never seems to stop with completes about different nationalities in Britain complaints about some thing how many countries put up with the things we are expected to .

Well if Steve Bannon is on your side making a choice. Because if a racist liked some thing I'd said I would be very quick to disavow myself of his support.

British policy maker are best in the world they never talk about racist they never talk about religion but how could he talk about the religion what woman where this is peaceful country please don't make any problem if you make problem people will copy and they will be big problem and you want to be next prime minister be like a British Prime Minister not a racist Prime Minister and don't make Britain racist country please.