ST52.4 honed piping suppliers

SHEW-E STEEL PIPE is a professional company dedicated in production,sales and exporting alloy steel pipe, cabon steel pipe and Titanium Tube in seamless and welded process adhere to ASTM / EN/ BS /JIS standards and ect.
Our international business established in 2008, we had 15 years sales business in China before that. During the domestic development of our business, we have established a mature and reliable supply chain. For our customers to provide a professional, high-quality services.
In 2008, we began to explore overseas markets. Relying on years of business experience, we ensure the quality of products from the source, with efficient shipping system to meet customer time requirements, and actively communicate with customers to solve customer problems and meet customer needs.
In the past 9 years, we have serviced customers in 18 countries, which contains Argentina, Cambodia, Czech, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Morocco, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Thailand, Ukraine, Vietnam, etc... In addition, We offer credibility and competence, authenticity about the quality and origin of the materials, professional advice and customer service such as Cutting,Testing and Processing and so on.
We maintain a comprehensive inventory of specialty metals and titanium mill products in round bar, sheet & plate, coil, pipe & tube, pipe fittings, flanges, forgings, offering a wide variety of grades and sizes with lead times to satisfy your manufacturing needs. We insist on honesty, quality-first principle to treat every customer, and ultimately achieve a win-win situation.
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When we receive the quote,our sales team will contact you in the shortest time.
Value Add Services
Our factory offer value add services such as Shot Blasting,Precision Pipe Cutting,Cut and Roll Grooving ,Custom pipe fabrication,Pipes Threading,Pipe Beveling,Coating and non-destructive testing.
Technical Support
Our engineers and metallurgists are experts in corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, and thermal conductivity. They can help you select the best material for your application at the lowest cost.

Our professional sales team and technical support can provide from the quotation, commodity inspection, transportation, payment, customs declaration and a series of problem solution, can solve all the problem for you. Welcome Email to us:[email protected]52.4 honed piping suppliers