Source: Aretha Franklin is in hospice care


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The original Queen of Soul is on her way to meet The King of Kings, where the Choir of Angels are waiting to greet her!!

Yes, they bought hospice in for my mom, she was reaching her hand out, I said mom who r u seeing, she was just staring, and kept reaching, hospice said she was in transition, she was about to cross over, God was waiting for her,
❤she passed away the next day, the family was by her side, God has her now
❤it iwas beautiful, sad and a kinda scary process, but they are never alone, someone will pick them up, family, loved ones, angel, the transition is beginning, prayers for the family and friends.

The 76-year-old soul singer has been dogged by reports of failing health for years, but she has kept her struggles private.

Praying this legendary icon recover. 72 is still young.

A person close to Aretha Franklin confirms reports she is gravely unwell.

I hope she has a peaceful transition. My heart goes out to her family.

She is the best. I've had the pleasure of seeing her in concert just two years ago, have been a fan for fifty plus years. Speedy recovery, Aretha.

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Hope for a speedy recovery for the Queen of Soul. You have touched so many people with that awesome voice.

Aretha you sang the song l say a little prayer.l now say a
🙏 prayer for you Father God Heal your Child in Jesus Name Amen.

I saw it on our South African tv channels.anr it saddens my heart.I just wish to hear her sinning life before anything.

Wish her all the best and thank you Aretha for your beautiful music!!! Sending love and prayers!

This is the voice that caterwauling Mariah Careys and X Factor types aspire to and will never ever reach.

Oo no love that lady hoping she recovers Respect lovely lady.