Seeing through Kim Jong-un's K-pop sign


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The very moment the west looked too the dollar and away from western values, ie dealing with china it was game over.

The Human Rights question if pushed by Western Nations would be seen as a challenge to peace and security. Now if certain things do not benefit other parties, and those parties wish to interject their perspective, the South Korean media will identify these people. The South Koreans are notorious in identifying outside parties wishing to impose on them.

Robert Holloway it's about time the Eastern regimes should ask Human Rights questions of the West! The list of atrocities and abuse of innocent civilians is horrendous. No nation that voted and participated for war in ME, gave away Palestine and runs the only concentration camp (#Gitmo) can comment about countries that have been bombed, countries that have been raped and pillaged and countries whose people continue to suffer because of western political narrative.

Ugh I hate parking. Specially in San Francisco. So hard to find parking.

Leave them alone.

Lol America and "human rights".

USA's and Britain's human rights questions? Starting wars based on lies, supporting the most repressive regime that is committing atrocities in Yemen?

Whatever--they can have each other.

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If the guys being genuine and he has good intent I think we should at least give him a chance ....
After all this is their business ....