Schwarzenegger message helps inspire struggling fans


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It's slow to learn the lesson, but the U.S. needs to encourage a Therapy program throughout the country, whether in individual care or in groups, depending on where the person feels most comfortable to help individuals or families, or married couples understand what they are feeling. This would be a really productive course, so that those who need help can let go of all their insecurities to feel good again. The Drug companies know this is needed and people depend on drugs instead of turning to people who can really help them feel good.

Great actor of all time. He ran for governor. He should have run for president I would have voted for him. Loved that man.

Terminating negative feelings.

This man is a legend... love him to bits.. depression is a hidden illness.. it has no boundaries of class religion or gender... anything that raises the profile is cool by me...

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We all love you Schwarzenegger, wise man, big heart.

A wonderful actor n good guy.

More hansome than before,
Greatest of all time.

What a joke! He was responsible for carrying out the death penalty on people who were obviously mentally ill. I suppose that's one way of beating it. Give them a lethal injection. Revolting man with no principles. This is tosh of the highest order .

Wow! More hansome than before!