School bosses send boy’s father letter riddled with spelling mistakes


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The poorly edited letter aside, the school should have simply given the student some worthwhile assignments to perform during and related to his trip and skipped the fine altogether. There is so much educational value in taking children to other regions (in or outside of their own country) where they see and hear a broader world, and a diverse population. I get that attendance is important, but so is the education of broader horizons. Not every parent's work will allow them to schedule leave exclusively tied to the school calendar. I am a retired elementary school teacher, and those students of mine who traveled on trips kept journals, mailed post cards, took photographs, and generated reports to share what they learned while gone from the regular classroom.

Not true if all you do is stay by the pool in an all inclusive hotel...

These were lucky, some councils are skipping the fine and taking parents straight to court where they can receive a criminal record! Even children with a 97% attendance! You couldn’t make it up!

He took his kids to Majorca! Not exactly the cultural centre of the world.

When you're in charge of education, it's probably best to avoid misteaks.

Wait, what? You are fined for not sending your kid(s) to school? How does that work? Is it for when a kid is out sick or just for vacation? Also, I wish they would've told the truth. Its no IT printing system error. That's a classic case of no proofreading.

Still a lot cheaper to pay the fine than paying double for a holiday in the school holidays though.

Yeah, in the UK we pay a huge amount of taxes regardless of situation which help pay for education. If say 8 kids in 1 year take a week holiday outside of school holidays that's 8 weeks of making up a teacher has to do, which impacts on the education of the other children, which is unfair on those children and the taxpayer. So the moral of the story is, if you can't afford to have children and pay to take them on holiday during school holidays, don't have children, it's not like we have a shortage of children being born or mouths to feed is it?!?

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A school district here sent out booklet to parents for a coming year. I went through it and it contained 246 spelling, typo and other factual errors.

Love this, can't wait to spell and grammar check the almost daily newsletter from my child's school! Never mind the lunch box backlash, my first time facing packing my child's lunch! I feel energized, thank you x.

Printers aren't to blame for spelling mistakes. What a crock of........

Doesn’t anyone proof read anything anymore?

By charging them £10 a mistake. they owe him a tenner . Of course it could be that their staff need to take a holiday.

Looks like a Nigerian scan letter. Ignore it.

“Blaming it on a new IT printing system”. Is that the system that comes with staff writing letters that can’t use the correct English?

"blaming it on a "new IT printing system" - hahahahaha.

If this letter is the result of attending school, then perhaps the child was better off away!