Scammers steal half-a-billion pounds from UK banking customers


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I avoid being scammed by having no money in my account.

It’s done so easily, I’ve had multiple phone calls from my actual bank to tell me there’s been an unauthorised transaction and they take me through security steps which I don’t fully understand and then it’s all better. The person who scammed me spoke exactly like someone who deals with frauds have spoken to me, they sound genuine and are extremely convincing, especially if someone is slightly more vulnerable at times like myself. They conned me into giving them a “security code” that identifies its me, in reality it was a code actually sent by the bank itself using an emergency transaction called “Get Cash” which they then tapped into a cash machine in public to withdraw the money. The police investigated to a certain extent, but that was it, no more steps were taken although cctv was obtained. And the bank refused to help since I willingly gave my details. I don’t have a lot of money so it screwed me up and I’m very lucky to have had a friend to help. There’s nothing entertaining about this, I know it seems stupid that people can give their details away so easily, but it happens, especially if interaction isn’t your strong point and you’re ridiculously trustworthy.
I’ve learned from it and refuse all calls now, I get the number off my account and phone back, but this is happening way too much now, I dread to think how many people in a worse situation than me have been screwed over by these greedy idiots.

In London you guys got the money in your banks. In CameroUn our banks are empty because our leaders keep our money in France and at the intercontinental hotel in Switzerland.

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Terrible. I get loads of scam phone calls pretending to be from legitimate companies. Anyone over a certain age gets these. We have gone on closed part of electoral register now.

The lady in pic is wearing my favourite color is it mauve or lilac ?

It's probably inside jobs..But they just won't admit.

Most of the time it the bank , they have to much power now.

I was even thinking of closing down my bank account.

The banks refund the victims even if it’s not the bank’s fault.

The banksters are like the mafia so this is of no surprise.

People just need to stop and think carefully. Always have 2fa, don't trust phone calls and frankly stop demanding instant action. 24h holds on big transfers with text alerts would give people plenty of time to stop it.

i ignore anything that offers anything on the phone or tablet etc.