Rihanna appointed as ambassador by Barbados


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When I was young, I thought ambassadors had to be highly educated and intelligent people. Boy, was I wrong.

How do you know she's not all that? Read her biography?

She lands all incoming flights on her forehead.

said the guy with no profile pic....

Mariya I’m fat and hideous.

"Shine bright like my forehead".

Are small foreheads a prerequisite for ambassadorial work?

Rhianna isn't even an ambassador for good music!
The bar is set far too low for so many things nowadays.

Yall Americans/Britons seem almost appalled by the fact that her home country decided to honour her and the work that she has done for and in Barbados.

Disaster why not someone with the qualification for that job.

Cocaine and Fur embassador as well.

Excellent, then she can carry her drugs in a diplomatic pouch.

I Love fenty beauty. just because she can sing , dance and has a makeup line. it doesnt make her qualified to make Political decisions. it's just getting ridiculous now. so the rest of us dont need to get a Degree...we just need to show skin...be in media...

Congratulations beautiful lady with beautiful voice.....

education? languages spoken? person of high honor and quality? respectable? position in society?

- you and she have similar fo’! Wow both a full power to act on behalf of her government political ambassadorial role and “Brand Barbados” role. Certainly has personal assets apt to attract large numbers. Kia Kaha! You go girl! #125yearsofwomenssuffrage The first time a country anywhere in the world gave women the right to vote in parliamentary elections Aotearoa New Zealand.

I asked her for a visa she gave a me a ticket for her concert.

Maybe she should stop promoting the fur trade now????????

But please leave the the fur coats, it looked better on the animals that were murdered for it.

Prettiest lady in the world and my all time crush.

She struggled so much.... she has a beautiful voice with beautiful attitude..... congratulations rihanna... probably the most beautiful ambassador in mighty world.

Don't stop the music.... but, please, do stop the fur.

Congratulations and Beautiful ambassador for Barbados xx.

Great choice; most popular and well-known tourism/cultural/entertainment influencer.

No please stop the music.

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Congratulations from Nepal (birth place of Buddha and land of Mount Everest).

She's only got one song, hasn't she?

She’s still 10/10.

Shes Barbados' most famous export outside of their amazing rum, so it makes sense from a cultural ambassador perspective. Great representation of the beauty, intelligence and creativity that exists on that gorgeous island. Her makeup line was the first makeup line to truly embrace the needs of women of literally every shade and pigment and her fashion line one of the first to have female models of every race and size fully represented on the cat walk. She's making a difference and that makes her a great ambassador in my book.