Prince Charles 'chucks' Camilla out of the palace


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Camillla & Charles both married other people. Charles was expected to produce an heir and a spare. Camilla couldn’t produce children. Charles was pressured to marry Diana. I believe he tried his best to make it work and even love her but she was just to young for him. They were to different. Camilla & Charles always cared for each other. They are both older now. Charles did what was expected as far as heirs. So the queen no longer cared. I believe she just wants him to be happy. It’s bad enough the majority of citizens don’t like him and would prefer his son be king. Completely bypassing him. It takes two to cheat. Diana cheated on Charles as well. There is nobody innocent in the deal.

Thank you! I’m so tired of the Camilla bashing. She is who Charles wanted to be with. Pressure from the thrown made him marry Diana. An unfortunate mistake but, cut the guy a break. He did what his Mum wanted.

Journalist Reveals Prince Charles And Camilla Plotted To Destroy Diana's Reputation.

I have no respect for that pig & his horse !!!

Mary Freeman not too young at all . I have read up very well from the beginning nothing has been rewritten. Diana never loved Charles she married him for the status. Charles never loved Diana He wanted her to produce heirs . The royals never murdered Diana . She Died because her drunken driver was fleeing from the paparazzi. Had she been wearing her seat belt she may have survived. I wish she had and that she could have found someone who truly loved her . That’s all ther is to it . People have misconceptions that Charles wanted her dead. If that was true he would have got rid of her when they were married. A widower sounds better than a divorcee.

If Charles had loved Diana the whole thing would have be different but he needed a brood mare & he got that. He didnt care that he got a beautiful woman. Yes she was too young for him & didnt like the things he liked but as in many royal marriages they would have their own circles & likes but Diana had stars in her eyes & wanted a real marriage & that led to the downfall. Pity for her.

It wasn't his choice to marry her, it was all arranged. She admitted that she knew before they married that he didn't love her. She didn't have to marry him but she chose to and what has physical beauty got to do with love or the sort of person you are!

Pathetic supposition and Diana was sleeping around with various men! At least Charles only had Camilla! Some believe any rubbish they read!

No surprise there...only one question...if they went that far...did one or both them carry it further and totally eliminate for thought!! I wouldn't put anything past Camilla.

OMG I'm so tired of hearing about these people. They did it, no one will ever prosecute them, why? Because their royalty and they have money! They do a fine job of covering things up or sweeping it under the carpet. It's sad.

Success is the best revenge..and Diana, although she suffered..did it with CLASS.

Some reports claimed Camilla once shared unflattering information about Kate and her family with the press, causing them great distress.

‘He told Camilla to pack her bags and leave, and she’s been staying at Ray Mill [her home [her home in Wiltshire] ever since.’

The scheming duchess has been causing scenes.

First, details of a sordid former love triangle between Camilla, Princess Anne and Andrew Parker Bowles emerged – with Camilla’s ex-husband accused of having an affair with Anne. And only last week, Camilla was once again locking horns with another member of the royal family following New Idea’s report on her bitter feud with Sarah Ferguson over the late Princess Diana.

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Not to mention her constant meddling in Princess Eugenie’s upcoming wedding and her attempts to cause friction between Meghan and Kate. It’s no wonder Charles has booted her out of the palace.

Charles married Diana for children he never loved Her, Diana found out very soon after their wedding, That makes Charles a slime ball and that woman of his a tart.

He should never have married Diane .but now he is a divorcee and should never be king.

Always re-hashing this crap......editor worried about not meeting targets....hence them splashing all this nonsense in their papers again......move on......and for the record....the late Princess was no angel either......take note of Prince Phillip reminding her of this fact.....

Who would ? No comparison one beauty one horses a-----

Old history can we please let princess Diana rest in peace please .