Porsche stops making diesel cars after VW emissions scandal


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Vin won't be happy.

Comment of the week award.

Will he be... furious?

BBC News. Well played.

BBC, give whoever came up with that reply a bonus. They deserve it!

Since Martin Selmayr appointed himself to the Commission in a putsch with NO democratic oversight the Punish Britain project has intensified. I note that he has finally been condemned by the EU institutions but so far they have proposed nothing to rectify the Putsch.

The Brussels APPOINTOCRACY in collusion with the UK establishment have sabotaged the Referendum result and are carrying on with the Punish Britain project, ALL those who believed in BrExit should not buy EU products or services. By following a punishment agenda they create the prospect of economic war. In such a war UK consumers are the ground troops, we should buy from nations that trade fairly with the UK. Since the dreadful Martin Selmayr managed to appoint himself

I have felt for years that French wines are vastly overpriced for their quality and generally drink Rioja or Australian, New Zealand, British or South African wines. Rioja may have to go, especially the way the Spanish are threatening over Gibraltar. However the New World Wines are also pretty good.

One of my most significant expenditures each year is my overseas holiday, very often in Europe. I will NOT now holiday in the EU, short breaks I will visit places in the UK, long breaks outside the EU. We should ALL do this. There are plenty of NON-EU countries that I want to visit.

In case you are in any doubt, the 27 countries to avoid in order not to support the Brussels APPOINTOCRACY ARE Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, (particularly Ireland as they are acting as the EU's Patsy in the Punish Britain project).

The same applies to German and French and Italian cars.

In a recent Love Money Survey of most and least reliable cars One German car appeared in the top 10 most reliable cars and 5 appeared in the 10 LEAST most reliable cars, so two reasons not to buy them, Quality and Politics.

German manufacturers have also modified their engine control software to detect when an emissions test is in progress and reduce the emissions thus cheating the tests. Emissions in actual operation (not under test) are very much worse.

As for French cars, although they are not excessively expensive to buy, they are incredibly expensive to maintain as French Manufacturers charge incredibly high prices for spares in the UK.

Personally I would also boycott Ryan Air. Their services are very unreliable and they treat their staff like slaves. They charge for anything that could possibly be considered and extra. They vigorously resist refunding passengers when things go wrong and make claims very difficult. They land at airports very far from the advertised destinations. Worst of all their CEO is (and has been) waging a very personal war with those renegade UK politicians who are bending all their efforts to sabotage the BrExit referendum, so it could be that bookings made in advance are not honoured after BrExit.

I urge all UK citizens who believe in democracy and cooperation rather than APPOINTOCRACY and bullying to take the same approach.

In the meantime the Government should be passing legislation which insists that labels on all products should include information on what percentage of the product's value was created in the UK, and what percentage in the EU so that customers can exercise informed choice, promote UK products and shun EU products.

Yes so they can make more 5 litre petrol cars, great for the environment.

Good, why are they making diesels anyway. Let's buy a diesels sports car.... Oh no wait I'm not vegan.

Maybe the government will buy me a shiny new electric car in place of my diesel? How about the bbc stop posting this absolute bolloks!

That will have a big impact on 911 sales.

diesel is for tractors, lorries and buses end off !

but why...EU diesels are clean...can't imagine a SUV on petrol...

Great idea! Let's blow the top of a mountain off to get at the coal to provide electricity rather than use the vegetable oil being wasted behind McDonald's to fuel our vehicles. Oh and let's poison the ground for generations by digging up lithium to make batteries that wind up turning a simple auto accident into a hazmat situation. GREAT BLOODY IDEA!

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Diesel is for tractors anyway!

Didn’t even know they had a Porsche Diesel.

How about ALL car companies stop making oil/gas dependent autos? Clean Air + the demise of the oil based economy!

Get off the bandwagon, for years the government promoted diesel now it bad they are selling everyone a dummy. As long as the rip us off with major taxes on fuel they will keep dictating.