Paul Gosar: Siblings savage congressman in attack advert


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More Anti American Propaganda by the BBC.
Linking conservative thinking Americans to the far right and Nazis.
What a load of nonsense.
Under President DT America is on a course now that is delivering economic prosperity that has never been seen in recent history.
That is the facts.
99.999% of Americans are not far right nazis and your reporting is nothing more than far left propaganda.

Max Bassanini show me one BBC report that says anything positive about our President and the massive positive changes that we have seen here in 2 years.
4.2% GDP and growing, massive tax cuts across the board. Unemployment at a historic low, strong foreign policy, better trade deals being negotiated. ect ect.
Its been astounding but BBC are fixated on anything other than the truth about what is going on.

David Falconer hahahahahahahaha.

Stephen Henderson you have made sweeping statements with no data or facts behind those statements. What i have said is fact. May not like the fact that America is going through an Amazing economic upturn but its as factual as 1+1=2.

David Falconer - unemployment is continuing trend started by Obama’s presidency and the 4.2% GDP is for one quarter which Obama also managed at least five times.

Siblings putting America before family speaks volumes! This guy appears to be a racist, conspiracy theory loon based on his actions highlighted over the years! Who needs that type of representation.

Adam Ditchett you are a part of the reason for the divide in this country. Thought you should know.

Maria Ami-Koj Dimitrieski he also hasn't stated anything that can be proven. It's just sh*t talk. Nothing more.

Brian Sindorf Can't be proven? Trump's base can be proven because they are visible, observable, recorded, and yes...he is right abut Trump's base. It's called voting record and documented statements that can be classified.

WOWEE!! Wow, wow!

If anyone knows about your character, it's your siblings. Most of them will fight you as kids - as many siblings do - and then defend you to the death as adults.

The fact that his siblings do not support his candidacy is very telling about him.

Jay Davidson agree. I'm one of six. My sibs know me. Defend me to the death or knock me down when I'm really out of line. They're a baramoter of sorts. If they came out with this ad, I would need to take a step back and reevaluate.

Lorna Henry this is very different from the bigfoot ad for Minnesota but just as amazing. When six of your siblings announce that they're voting for the other guy, hahaha.

Gary Hughes, this why I try not to use labels. I can’t imagine how their mother feels and I’d never want our mother to feel that way about any of her sons.

It's regrettable, but I can't say they were unjustified. I can't imagine that sort of thing happening in our family.

I don't believe in family feuds about silly trivialities. But this isn't. Still, I hope that they still share holidays and wouldn't refuse to help hm in a medical or relationship crisis. Nor should they draw other family into their quarrels.

Here across the pond, the entire House of Representatives are up for re-election every 2 years. A third of the Senate is up for re-election 2 years.

Great campaign ad. Kudos to the siblings for their honorable words and actions.

You can't pick your family. Good job siblings!

Should make Thanksgiving dinner very interesting.

Ooh thanksgiving in their family will be tricky.

Respect, the siblings speak for their believes, not for a party.

It's always Republicans, 0 values.

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I think it’s a sad commentary on where we, the US, are as a country. We have forgotten our civil war with brother against brother. Seems to be happening again.

The siblings chose conscience and courage to speak out about another GOP whack job. They expected a nasty reaction from the Trumpettes and obviously see them in the same light as do most Americans.

Ha, what a stunt. One assumes the siblings will have been well compensated for this.

If they were, it’s probably fair enough to make up for having a horror show brother like him.

Yup - this US rep from AZ needs to go! He is my district rep and with my letter/emails and flippant reply from him, it is clear he does NOT represent me. And the gerrymandering of my district previously does not help me but rather favored his party. I continue to VOTE. I hope 2018 will bring out more voters. Feeling hopeful.

I live in Gosar's district. He pays NO attention to his constituents unless they are super wealthy, pledged to help veterans while voting against all legislation to help them, etc. I applaud the actions of his siblings!

Even republicans are turning against their own politicians. I can already hear people blaming Obama... lol.

Go Arizona get rid of this guy..actions speak loudly.

Wow - this is brutal but brilliant!

Wow my state's politics is brutal this year.

Wow, haven't heard about this one. Really, Neo-Nazi? Have these people lost their minds?

I'm guessing their Christmas is cancelled this year.