Paris installed completely exposed urinals near popular tourist spots


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Men would pee in the streets?! What are they dogs?? Are men in France not taught to use toilets??

They. pee anywhere in France.

Well I'm certainly not used to walking through town doing my shopping and see a man pissing in front of me in broad daylight!!

I'm not sure how that became an acceptable thing. I can't remember the last time I squatted down on the pavement to relieve myself. Not sure why any guy would think it was okay.

I saw one yesterday in an Aussie street pissing against a green electric box.

Beate, yes you do get fined in the UK as it's not only disgusting, it's classed as indecent exposure.

No, men in France are taught from a very young age to assert their dominance by peeing on things. In medieval times, human urine was used to keep pesky critters off crops, and predators away from the children, and the neighbors off the wife. Now, it's more of a 'cultural memory' , if you will. Word to the wise, however, if you walk your dog in France, do not allow it to pee in a frenchmans yard, unless you want him to pee on it.

Yep, seems like France has met it's Waterloo again.

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One urinal, placed near Notre Dame cathedral, overlooks passing tourist boats..jpg

"They have been installed on a sexist proposition: men cannot control themselves and so all of society has to adapt," feminist Gwendoline Coipeault told Reuters.

What a revolting idea! Why is it so hard to civilise some men?

and here we go again, poor men can not control themselfs, so everything else has to change....I can not squat anywhere if I need to go to toilet, I just have to keep it in like an adult. Big surprise.

This is awful. It’s also not equal. What are women supposed to do? I will say that Paris needs to figure out a better plan. It is one of the hardest cities I’ve been in to easily find a toilet. For being the one of the busiest tourist destinations in the world, they can do better.

well if some women are breastfeeding in public without cover breast to be polite and "urban" in parks, shops or restaurants, i dont find any reason to men can't pee in public too. Both are so "natural and "so beautiful human body parts and functions". so we are living in a world of free topless, free pee, free nudity and free breastfeeding in public places.

You would think adults would understand the difference between breasts and genitals, and breast milk and urine, but apparently that is not the case. Let us all hope Tulio is never tasked with feeding an infant without supervision.

Visited Paris years ago went to ask a policeman who had his back to me directions to find he was relieving himself into the road, didn't know where to look and ended up asking in a shop
😂 Apparently it was the norm to for men to just whip it out and have a wee.

Why can’t they install small toilet cubicles like they have in many major cities? Can be used by women & men and you don’t run the risk of people using it for exhibitionism...

As long as nobody mistakes it for a water fountain, all will be well.

Just cant imagine standing there for a good long pee..people walking past ..morning morning.. nice day for it lol.

We personally witnessed an entire bus load of German men get out of a tour bus, walk up to a roadside rest stop and simultaneously relieve themselves on the side of the building rather than go inside and use a urinal. It’s not uncommon to see them relieving themselves along roadsides and alleys. Disgusting! Most roadside rest stops have pay toilets which cost about 50 cents, and you also can get coupons for free entry. These restrooms are spotless by the way!

I don’t want to stick my dingaling in that thing!

Paris enacting Indian phenomenon. India. Men piss openly, everywhere! Not nice