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Yoga Strap
Our yoga strap is made from polyester; these belts are very useful for all the yogis pertaining to different levels. These belts are 38mm wide thus preventing constricted blood circulation and offering maximum comfort. The belts are purely polyester hence ensuring safe gripping without hurting one's hands and are extremely durable. The 1830mm belt offered by us Hygroscopic Yoga Sport Towel manufacturers are ideal for binding limbs and taller people who practice yoga.
Material: Polyester Buckle: Plastic PP
Specification: 280 x 38mm
Cheap Hygroscopic Yoga Sport Towel Character:
1. Anti-slip adjustable cinch buckle yoga strap
2. High quality, extra durable fabric;
3. Useful for yogis of all levels.
4. Deepen or guide certain stretches.
5. Achieve more challenging yoga poses and hold them longer.
Eco Friendly Hygroscopic Yoga Sport Towel Usage:
1. Add the Anti slip Hygroscopic Yoga Sport Towel straps to any pose, for resistance when strength training, where you hold your arms at a distance from one another, such as the warrior pose.
2. Do repetitions of a motion that works against the resistance of the strap while standing in a pose. For example, you might stand in the warrior pose and repeatedly outstretch your arms, working against the resistance. Do multiple sets of repetitions, resting between sets as you would when weight training.
3. Stretch using the straps by allowing them to function as extensions of your reach. The strap should easily connect one limb to another in a situation that might usually be a strain for you.
4. Use High Quality Hygroscopic Yoga Sport Towel yoga straps to stretch the legs and groin in cases such as the pigeon pose, with one leg behind you. Loop the strap around the foot that is behind you and pull the foot up with the strap. You can achieve a deeper stretch with the strap than you would just holding the foot with your hand.Other Yoga Kits manufacturers