New Mexico compound boy 'died during ritual ceremony'


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How can people still buy into this superstitious nonsense in this day and age? So many are still stuck in the Dark Age. Poor boy!


it is religion just not the one you want to believe in. Religion=brainwashing.

“Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.“

Good for you, then. By the way, can you please wake up your invisible old friend in the sky and tell him that all hell is breaking loose down here?

A boy, whose remains were found in New Mexico, died during a "religious ritual... intended to cast out demonic spirits".

It's simple. Because most of human beings are dumb.

How are the suspects out on bond? Crazy....

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When will stupid people stop believing in Gods and demons.

The usual suspects duh..LORD have mercy! Holy Innocents pray for us.

It sickens me that child sacrifice from antiquity still exists today.

Why are these torturers out on bail? Defense lawyer should be ashamed of himself by saying that “healing” would be ok if the perpetrators had been white. No, this was murder of a 3-year old boy who had epilepsy. And to die at the hand of his father . . . Sickening.

It’s hard to see the killer’s father saying that his son was a well-meaning person, etc. Why do people defend the criminal and sociopathic behavior of their adult offspring? I’ll never understand that. Why not just say that who his son became is monstrous and horrifying? That poor innocent little boy. So sad.

That's called an exorcism.

Belief in the supernatural has destroyed humankind.

Can we all take a moment to realize that because of ignorance and religious belief this boy probably died a horrible death at the hands of snake oil salesman? That convinced the parents that the right answer for, their probably very scared child, was a bizarre ritual rather than medical assistance.

I’ll of course await the facts in the case, but I feel that parents that default to religious ignorance rather than proven medical science should be tried with childhood endangerment and possible murder.

This is no different than the faith healers that let their children die horrible deaths from very curable diseases.

I mean the article details potential kidnapping and indoctrination of child soldiers, which of course is its own insanity.