Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, writes personal messages of love on bananas for street sex workers to find in their food parcels.


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Sex workers are abused and forgotten- so many of them have no choice but to do what they do through trafficking, lack of education,parenting or opportunity. A kind message on a piece of nutritious food in s meal parcel would likely give them a moment to smile. Some of you are pretty bitter - Meghan’s doing ok if you ask me.

Why can’t someone just do something nice without being criticized? This world is messed up.

I'm not a big fan of the royal family but she genuinely looks like she is trying to do something kind there...maybe people should stop being so cynical.

At least she's doing more than turning a blind eye or making sarcastic jokes. Good for her. She's inspiring.

I’ll be honest, in general I quite like the royals but....

A privileged lady in a thousand pound maternity dress is being praised to high heaven for handing out bananas with messages like “you are brave” on it to people who rely on help from charity

In essence it is a nice idea for a child’s packed lunch but seems like a bit of a futile and patronising gesture in this instance.

Just my opinion.

I think it horribly patronising.

Visiting a charity for sex workers wearing a £2,500 dress, been more compassionate to give the money to the charity.

How can you not love this woman.

Obviously she was showing them a bit of empathy. There is nothing wrong with that.

Out of all the food she picked bananas😂😁 I am sure she didn't think it through.

Writing on a banana? As a gift to sex workers???? I wonder what Freud would make of that?

Really, who the hell is in charge of her PR?

Seems like she has a more caring heart than some who criticise her.

Bananas 🍌 really!? 😂
What happened to writing on a bit of paper.

messages on bananas for street sex workers?? What??

I’m sure this was pre meditated for the perfect photo op hence why it was filmed. And bananas for sex workers.... really🤷🏻‍♀️ not thought through.

Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, writes personal messages of love on bananas for street sex work...JPG

What a beautiful independant woman with a humanitarian gift.

She did something kind, give her a chance.

It’s good to see the UK taxes not being completed wasted.

Job Role: Professional Banana Writer

She always seems to have an actor face on . I can’t make her out.

Sex work is work. It should be legalised and regulated. Then there'd be no need for the Duchess of Sussex to inscribe well-wishes on edible phallic symbols.

I think these two need a proper job.

How fantastic. I am sure the 'street sex workers'?? will get great comfort from the banana skins as they head out and Meghan returns to her cosy palace/stately home to put her feet up and get waited on by an army of servants.

Kind Duchess with a clean, kind gentle mind.

She's a good woman with compassion for others.

Leave her alone. She did something nice. Better on a banana than an apple because your throwing away the skin with the pen on it not eating it. It was a nice thing to do for those women.

Even bad publicity is ‘good’ for this actress in the biggest role she’ll ever play! She knew exactly what she was doing!!