Meet Bernard Kiwia — Tanzania's "father of rural innovation."


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This is the best video I’ve seen on social change ever. This is what the third world needs not just hand outs that only give temporary fixes. They need solutions.

As much as I admire this man - one question: With all the money pumped into African countries, allegedly used to improve various aspects of the everyday people, shouldn’t they have top spec equipment?
Or, is it maybe time to reveal the “secret”? That all this money went straight to corrupt governments and a garden variety of dictators...

aid doesnt trickle down to those at the bottom of the pyramid.

In Ireland we had a charity called Goal
😡profited for themselves. Concern, Red Cross have had whistleblowers about irregularities in those charities.
😡Profiting off other people’s suffering. They should all be prosecuted.

A considerable amount of the foreign aid also go to large western companies, with their so called "development projects". They develop nothing but their own bank account.

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Brilliant. Pity we don't have any community workshops here where talented people could pass on their skills and encourage young people to develop new inventions.

I really like this article. Nice to read something positive and inspiring.

Wonderful to read and makes me feel that there is hope yet for people who get no assistance or funds from anywhere. What's that old saying, give a man a fish and you feed him, but teach him to fish and he can feed himself for a lifetime.

This guy is in your area. Love his commitment to innovation and the community!