Manchester shooting: ten people in hospital after shots fired in Moss Side


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In many ways Britain is a miserable country, the levels of aggression and depression are visible in so many of streets. I see it in people's eyes, comments , talks but most of all I notice it in the reaction from foreigners, aghast at the British lifestyle: the fast-food, the binge drinking, atomised family units, the way so many people fail to bond outside the pub (and would not dream of inviting anyone home)Rage at perceived slights is a characteristic associated with 'protest masculinity', a form of hyper-masculinity adopted by young males raised without a father/father figure who are anxious about their identity.Parents are afraid to even look at their child the wrong way for fear of a busy body knocking on the door, hence a breakdown in home discipline. Tied in with childrens charities deliberately blurring the lines between chastisement and abuse, a breakdown is inevitable.As communities have fragmented, gangs have taken their place as organisations through which young people, especially young men, find a sense of belonging and meaning. Being in a gang gives a young person a sense of being somebody.

Victims have "minor to major injuries", say Greater Manchester Police.

Sod all to do with lacking a father figure, that’s just a poor excuse. The fact is, kids are being brought into the world and they aren’t taught manners, respect or decency. They can’t be punished like kids used to be punished because the softly softlyculture has taken over and we don’t like to upset anyone. There has always been street violence and gang violence, but it used to fist fighting and kept local, nowadays there’s no acceptance of the outcome of sticking a 16” knife into somebody, and then you combine that with incredibly poor prison sentences and prison time that isn’t really that hard and you get kids that will spend a few years inside before coming out and doing it all again.

Bull shite. And if you don't like it in Britain - feel free to leave. My grandparents and g grandparents did not fight for misrable gits like you to run Britain down . You know where the door is Fawzi Eyad - use it!

I'm not that old (not even 25) but even I remember a time when this sort lf thing, the acid attacks, etc. Didn't happen, and I could walk into museums without my bag being checked, and walk through central London without anti-crash barriers needed. Smh

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Oh England, how you've changed since i left!

Give them a slap on the hand,a fine bit of tidying litter up they won't do it again.

Will this affect tonight's much anticipated match between Manchester City and Arsenal?? Meanwhile we say no to terrorism!!

What’s the chance it was moss side?

It’s the governments fault ,people have no hope .and what real.y depressing is Brexit .were gonna be stuck on this lump of mud .with nearly no chance of Change x