Laura Ingraham: Demographic changes 'national emergency'


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“I’m sorry if anyone was offended by my completely innocent remarks.”

Common walk back. The base heard the message loud and clear, which was the point.

They used to speak in dog whistles, but now it's all blatantly out in the open.

She has immigrant children of colour. She’s evil.

The Fox News host denies her comments were racist.

I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again: get everyone like her who is spouting hate & racism to take a DNA test & have it analyzed to show their detailed genealogy AND WHEN THEY DISCOVER IN MOST CASES THAT THESE PEOPLE HAVE A VARIETY OF RACES & CULTURES COURSING THROUGH EVERY CELL IN THEIR BODIES, WATCH THEM IMPLODE!!

Her career's destruction will be legitimate and worthwhile.

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Who says women can’t gaslight and dog whistle with the ‘best’ of them?

Want to know why 45 wants a wall? Can you imagine what the voting population ratio will look like and who could control the ballot in the near future? Laura only expresses what so many in power are concerned with:

I'm not a racist. I just say racist things.

Riiiiiggghht. Demographic changes - an increasingly older group of citizens or Native-born, white, Christian (maybe only protestant, maybe only self-defined Evangelicals)?

Her and the propaganda group she works for are the national emergency...all hand-in glove, with this soulless and historically corrupt government!

I'd respect her more if she said "Yes, we're getting less white in this country and it's a problem." I disagree with that sentiment (I honestly don't care either way if we're less white), but it's the "Oh I didn't mean it like that" that just radiates......stupidity? Laziness? Lack of respect for the folks listening? Yeah, you're right, it's all three.