Labour’s ruling body adopts IHRA definition of anti-Semitism


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Dear the media you DISGRACE! This is driving me insane!!!!!

The people want a socialist labour government with Jeremy Corbyn as our PM!

End off, let us have this! And stop with the Anti-Corbyn smears, we can see what you are doing.

And we know who is funding this.

Adam Dwyer then you underestimate the power of the media to brainwash the public to vote for a conservative party that is literally killing it's citizens or condemning them to poverty and lower wages. While they cut taxes for the rich and line their own pockets privatising our public services.

Despite this Corbyn getting the largest swing to labour since 1947 is an amazing feat.

Come on Josh. Socialism doesn't work in the 21st Century. You know that. I hope the media drives him out.

It absolutely does, it is the only thing keeping the fabrics of this country together! (NHS, welfare, human rights, education, social care) where do you get your opinion from, the media????

You clearly don't know what socialism is! You probably wouldn't be alive today without it.

Eric Chas you must be happy that the NHS is being sold off and destroyed by the Tories. Or do you like the fact they are destroying the welfare system condemning hundreds of thousands of families to destitution.

Or maybe you like the fact our railways are all owned by billionaires like Richard Branson, who charges the highest ticket prices in Europe, he bribes the Tories to keep his position while our railways are poorly run on the cheap.

Wealth is being sucked out this country out our pockets into the riches.

Corbyn and left labour are fighting back and the media is in full fire!

Joshua Sheppard, the railways don't get me started on the vanity project of that, the renationalised railways would cost billions upon billions, it would automatically make it unprofitable and without profit there can be no improvement.

Absolutely right!

If the people actually wanted him why didn't he win last year.

No We dont.

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Joshua Sheppard they're unelectable with this leader and that front bench. The fact you still blindly vote labour knowing the incompetence of that front bench beggars belief. Simple fact is neither conservative or labour are really up for the job but conservatives right now do a slightly better job than what labour would do.

For everyones benefit -

Socialism is where the people own the means of production, effectivly they reap the full fruits of Thier labour.
Instead of us working our socks off to make one owner filthy rich.

The state owning the NHS, schools, public transport networks ect..... And using these services to improve the quality of our lives and not to make billionaires even richer!

What happened last time British rail was around Joshua.

Paul Smith, you are absolutely wrong.

Adam Dwyer last time British rail was around, thatcher was busy destroying it and breaking it into smaller private companies.

It was the best in the world before the Tories got their hands on it!

Same about the NHS!

And Paul you do realise that Britain is the only country in Europe that doesn't own it's railways and has a state run rail company.

Thatcher did this to make billionaires filthy rich. That even foreign governments jumped in to feed on the cash cow.

Joshua Sheppard - name one country where a socialist government has worked...?

Wtf... Joshua SheppardSheppard...being young and idealistic is a great thing unfortunately the Labour party have screwed up so many times when in power one can only come to one conclusion...socialism and nationalisation of industry just doesn't work ! Everyone needs an incentive to do something and socialism takes that incentive away sorry matey nice try on the argument.. but it's doomed to failure just like poor old unelectable jezza !

Joshua Sheppard I think you're a Communist.

If anyone else apart from Corbyn won the labour party leadership they would be prime minister by now.

Steve Pigott then why is the NHS the most efficient health service in the world? It is Socialism.

If the Tories hadn't purposely cut its funding to the lowest health spending levels in Europe. It would be the world's best still.

Sinclair Short I am a democratic socialist, just like anybody else who believes in the NHS and social programs to increase equality.

Joshua Sheppard find me a Diane Abbott interview that isn't an absolute car crash and if you do I'll probably find at least 10 that are.

Adam Dwyer I couldn't agree more, the management of the NHS is terrible because we have a government that doesn't believe in it!!!! The Tories sell coffee mugs saying socialism is evil. When the NHS IS PURE THE MOST PUREST FORM OF SOCIALISM.

Do you understand?

Steve Pigott don't criticise me for being young and idealistic, is rather that then be old and be a person who would settle for sub-rate.

There is two types of labour party one that is run by socialists one that is run by conservative lites, Corbyn is a socialist like the one that saves Britain post WW2 who was one of the most successful governments in British history, who's legacies like the NHS we still enjoy today!!!

I hope they maintain the difference between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. It seems that many of lost the distinction between the two these days.

Why on earth are people expected to keep quiet about the Israeli government breaking international law? I don't dislike Jews but I abhor the actions of the Israeli government against the Palastinians. I abhor the actions of the British government against the poor and disabled in this country and make my views known. Why the difference??

OK BBC, you've had your pound of flesh ( that anti-Semitic?), can you now go back to you doing your proper job, politically speaking, of impartially analysing the policies of each of the political parties? I'm heartily sick and tired of Daily Mail TV.

So after all that, It wasn't all down to Jeremy Corbett it was down to the National Executive Council - something everyone except the media seems to have known all along. Well done BBC News you have finally caught up with reality.

That’s insane the definition just provides cover for apartheid Israel.

It’ll be interesting to see if all those clamouring for Corbyn’s resignation over the issue will now be satisfied. My guess is they won’t; this has never been anything other than a stick with which to beat Corbyn.

Here we are making something of nothing to distract us from the Tory party falling apart. We all know this is just tripe.

Wow so we can now move on from the Labour Party and concentrate on the Tory Party to adopt it and the BBC can report on it day after day for years lol.

Can we please just put this to bed now, and get on with actually holding the Tories to account for the shambolic way they are running the country? High time we had an effective opposition!

Goodbye freedom of speech.

So now, anyone criticising the Israeli state and their treatment of the Palestinian people could be deemed anti-semitic ? Wrong Wrong Wrong !!!

This is disgusting so when they melt the skin off men , women and children using illegal white phosphorus, when the steal Palestinian land and home you'll no longer be allowed to say . Highlighting human rights abuse is antisemitic now.

This won't be the end of it by a long chalk. Especially when you have an anti-semitic leader like Corbyn. There will still be stories about anti-semitism in the Labour Party a year from now - you mark my words.

So labour have adopted the Jewish statement in full .. but allows freedom of speech of it ... So really no change just smoke and mirrors.

The tories seem to hate everyone no one makes an issue of that why?
Boris likens Muslim women to post boxes, The government hates tax payers for not paying enough taxes , the unemployed for the same reason we’re facing no deal and there is a blatant refusal to even consider a second referendum even though the first was held based upon a pack of lies and misinformation. And all the bbc seem to want to bring attention to is the Labour Party are apparent anti semites
🙄 hopefully now this issue has been dealt with maybe there will be some impartial news about facts rather then fiction.

Anyone who objects to the Labour Party's proviso is committed to using the code as as a cloak for their own political ends.