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The Knife Angel, also known as the "National Monument Against Violence and Aggression," is a striking sculpture created from thousands of knives and other bladed weapons that were confiscated by police during knife amnesty programs in the United Kingdom. The sculpture was designed and created by artist Alfie Bradley and was inspired by the "Save a Life, Surrender Your Knife" campaign.
Key points about the Knife Angel:
  1. Creation and Symbolism: The Knife Angel was constructed as a powerful and poignant symbol aimed at raising awareness about the impact of knife violence and the consequences of carrying knives. It serves as a memorial to the victims of knife crime.
  2. Materials: The sculpture is made from over 100,000 knives and bladed weapons that were collected through amnesty bins and surrender programs across the UK. The weapons were handed over to the police to be used in the sculpture.
  3. Size and Design: The Knife Angel stands approximately 27 feet (8 meters) tall and weighs about 4 tons. It depicts an angelic figure with outstretched wings, holding a weapon in each hand.
  4. Touring Exhibition: The sculpture has been part of a touring exhibition, making appearances in various locations across the UK. It has been displayed in cities and towns to draw attention to the issue of knife crime and promote discussions around violence and aggression.
  5. Collaborative Effort: The Knife Angel project involved collaboration between local police forces, organizations, artists, and community members. It aimed to engage communities in conversations about knife crime and its impact.
  6. Support for Victims: The Knife Angel project has also been associated with efforts to support victims of knife crime and their families, as well as organizations working to prevent violence.

The Knife Angel serves as a powerful symbol and a reminder of the devastating impact of knife crime and violence. It has drawn attention to the need for greater efforts to address this issue and has prompted conversations about the causes and consequences of such violence in society. The sculpture's presence in various communities has helped raise awareness and promote dialogue surrounding these important issues.
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