Kenya deports Chinese man over 'racist rant'


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It's so nonsense when you call others 'monkeys' while you eat snake meat, frogs, cockroaches...

Don’t generalize about what “Chinese” people eat. There are a lot of vegetarian Buddhists and thousands of different cultures and diets in China.

Be better than them. There is no need to criticize a nation's food choices because of one man's comment. You are not superior to anybody because you don't eat bugs.

You're not any better than him for saying that.

You may have to add cat as a delicasy befitting a very welcome guest.

Some definitely enjoy dog as well.

Pete Britton anyone who has ever eaten a Richmond sausage is in no place to be critical of anyone's dietary choices.

Africans need their leaders to be transparent. What is being given to allow all these people in Africa. One man cannot give away a people’s land! And if it works against the people it’s not worth it. Tired of corrupt and incompetent leaders hurting Africans!

What I was trying to say in my comment was that before you make ‘funny’ of others make yourself sure that you're perfect.

Thabo thanks for highlighting they eat human beings & miscarried babies.

They eat monkeys too.

Indeed Vincent Picciotti, his ‘high IQ’ is taking him back home, maybe there it will be more useful.

Don’t forget humans,dogs,cats well to be honest they pretty much eat anything with a heartbeat.

Reply for racism is not racism brother. He is taken care by justice. So don't generalize everyone like that. This equally bad as what he did

Let us not spread this idiotic ideology by being idiots. I include myself because I use to do even same thing. Which I learnt is not correct.

Sounds like Kenya has got the right attitude to such people, in the UK he would probably be asked to speak at a prestigious University.

In the U.S., he would be up for election in 2020.

Don’t be ridiculous. Here we have zero tolerance for racism.

Kenya deports Chinese man over 'racist rant'.JPG

Or here in the U.S. he'd be elected president like the other racist we have currently in the WH.

"Only white people can be racist" - every SJW.

At least dogs in Kenya will sleep in peace tonight ! Go and never come back! We love dogs and animals at large.

Ride your motorcycle back to China.

Good for them. I fully support their decision!

I love how the outraged people are speaking out against racism by throwing more racism into the mix
😆 good job guys.

And his relative is already enrout to Kenya to come and take over his business and pretty much treat Kenyan's the same.

Why BBC what good thing the no dignity media contributes to the world in telling bribe biased lies?...

Well, deport Trump back to Europe.

If it’s as bad and “poor” as he claims, why is he not able to go somewhere else to make money? Why go to a different country and act like an insufferable fool? His racist remarks just show how clearly ignorant he is.

Why they let him go he deserve punishment or jail.
Kenya Ethiopia Africa we are proud of our color. We don't hate others and judge because of their color.

Good riddance to bad rubbish, you have the guts to call us monkeys? The last I heard you eat eggs cooked in urine, amongst other strange things!

Well done kenya... this is the way forward. Everybody needs to learn yo respect fellow human beings no matter from whichever background he or she comes from.

It baffles me dat a Chinese wud even have d guts to insult Africans cos genetically speaking we look better than dem,but nevertheless I don't think such a rant is enuf to deport someone with credible means of livelihood in kenya...cis economically speaking he's supporting Kenya to some extent.

We need to show more love
💕 and peace , the news media and all this is only separating us making us hate one another.

He needs to be followed up so he doesn't go to another African country.

Maybe too harsh a punishment has been handed to him. However the world will always frown at racism, it's such a bad thingm.

While not show him the real part of us by beating. You guys were very gentle. Don't make that mistake again please. Give him a lesson he will never forget.

Wish the USA
🇺🇸 would deport Trump and some of his racist supporters.

Humans are great apes, not monkeys. Monkeys have tails...

I'm not one to name calling but apparently this kid don't know much about his family ancient history? (fam.taboo) it can be very important to his future. It's very heartbreaking to find out that your older brother is your father.

well done ,he doesnt deserve to be there.

In Uganda he would be having a hand shake moment with the president at the statehouse for the job well done.