Jeremy Corbyn 'wreath laying' attacked by Israeli PM


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So, they’re attacking Corbyn on the words of the mass murderer Netanyahu? Netanyahu will go down in history alongside the massacres of minority populations across the world.

No. He orders the murder of unarmed populations of women and children. This isn’t Hamas vs. IDF. This is Netanyahu vs. women and children.

Israel deserves peace. They’ll never get that with a murderer at the helm.

To be blunt, the IDF is supposed to be the instrument of protection for the Israeli people. They are being used as the ultranationalist Netanyahu government. The Israeli people deserve a government that protects them, instead of infuriating allies and killing kids.

The Labour leader says Benjamin Netanyahu has made "false" claims about his actions at a 2014 event.

How that child killer, Netanyahu, has the gall to criticise anybody when he, without the support of America, would be facing charges of war crimes beggars belief.

The Corbyn smears are still ongoing.... still not working are they though?

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Ridiculous prioritising BBC... Leave him alone and concentrate on the forest, not a tree.

The BBCs favourite topic, " Corbyn". They can't seem to go a day without another attempted smear. Come the next election and whether Corbyn wins or not the bias from the BBC and those responsible won't be forgotten. The clock is ticking down for the BBC and it's journalists, it can't continue like this.

As for that criminal
Netanyahu he is going to end up in jail for his criminal activity while in and out of office. The other Israeli ultra right wingers should concentrate on their own problems with the Israeli left in stead of interfering in British politics because who knows, we might just start interfering in theirs.

Netanyahu is not in the position to criticise anybody about anything. He's a mass murderer whose military operations in Gaza have killed hundreds of innocent civilians including many children. Adding to that, he has recently completed the transition of Israel from a democracy to an apartheid single religion, single identify state. He should be behind bars, not on Twitter!

Israel is terrorizing Corbyn!

I may question what Corbyn says/does sometimes but I disagree with pretty much everything Netanyahu says/stands for so yeah.

Yawn , why they so worried about Corbyn , it's getting boring now .
As far as I can see this man wants peace and a fair world for everyone . Is that so bad ??

Isn't that Jeremy in the picture, with a wreath in his hand? Weren't there witnesses there that evidenced what he did?
The answer to both questions is YES!
No 'slurs' just fact!

Netanyahu is corrupt.

Difficult to claim the moral high ground when you climbed up there over the bodies of the last 160+ civilians you've killed since spring.

But the Isreali PM gives it his best shot.

Netanyahu has also blatantly lied purely to undermine someone who has criticised Israel, which speaks volumes.

As much as I dislike Corbyn and his politics I dislike Netanyahu even more and if Jeremy likened the current Israeli regime to the Nazis in their treatment of the Palestinians he's not far wrong.

Israel going after a critic. A critic who is correct to bring attention to the horrors of this nasty and appalling regime.