Jacob Rees-Mogg: Boris Johnson burka probe is 'show trial'


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Bur'qas are a beautiful part of lsI'amic culture. Shame on Boris pandering to the Far Right who would rather allow women to dress skimpily and be subjected to harassment by Iecherous men. Bur'qas protect women and is a symbol of femi'nism and its about time this is recognised internationally!Women are not going to achieve equality with the right to bear their breasts in public, as some people would like to have you believe. That would only make them party to their own objectification. True equality will be had only when women don't need to display themselves to get attention and won't need to defend their decision to keep their bodies to themselves.

Oh it is recognised, pretty hard to miss it.

in this day and age surely it's time for men to realise that they should be the ones restraining themselves, rather than putting it upon women to 'protect themselves'?

So your telling me it protects women? Don't it say in the Qur'an if you wear a Burka you can't wear makeup or perfume? So it's not like these lady's are doing it in a right way anyway. There face looks alot more skimpy then alot of European women. Secondly why should women cover up? Why shall we protect our self from a man? Back dated much? Why d9nt men cover up or make it haram for men to be abusive. Because they won't listen!. As a Asian women I totally disagree with the burka it's wrong in so many ways.

Pretty much akin to wearing a helmet and walking into a bank.

What's femi'nism?

Says a man!

if people control themselves, we would not have laws, police stations, armies, abortion debate, etc Why ladies can't keep their legs closed? Now in an ideal world this would be true, women wouldn’t have had to cover up, there wouldn’t be a need for them to cover up in order to avoid harassment from men and the gazing eyes. Sadly we don’t live in this ideal world, in fact it would almost be like saying the following: Why should we have a police force? People should know better themselves to not break the law and do bad things, so we don’t need the police. Yet as we all know, such reasoning is fallacious, and the same applies here. Yes, men should not harass women, but sadly men do it anyway, when they see a very pretty lady on the street they gaze and harass, and this is well known unless we want to pretend it does not exist.

Jacob Rees-Mogg defends Boris Johnson and says the row over his remarks about women in burkas is being used to stop him becoming Tory leader.

No, Rees-Mogg, Johnson’s biggest threat to any leadership bid is himself. You can’t moan about anti-semitism on one side and ignore racism on the other.

As an MP you represent the spectrum of society in your constituency (I do recall once seeing a video of an out of touch rich man saying “vox populi...”). As such you are expected, regardless of party, to carry out your duties with ‘selflessness’, ‘integrity’, ‘objectivity’, and ‘accountability’. At best, Boris Johnson has failed his professional responsibilities under Section III and Section V of the 1995 Code of Conduct for MPs. At worst he’s guilty of inciting racial hatred.

I don’t care what your political party is or what your personal views are. As soon as you are sworn into that chamber, the rules change for you. What YOU think no longer matters. What YOU want no longer matters. You are a public servant and as such, must represent all aspects of the public.

If you can’t take heat, you best get out of the kitchen.

Arguing against the oppression of women, by dismissing the views of women. That’s a new one. There is literally no point trying to debate with some people.

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Mogg is a clever man he would do good at running this country.

A crafted cospiracy by a failed Prime Minister and her cohort of anti-Brexiters to sideline Boris. Fortunately the public know better. Only thing they are doing is helping Corbyn.


Kick May out and replace with Boris Mogg as Deputy enough of the PC crap.

Johnson Burka Probe is a possible band name, indeed. Thank you BBC.