Israeli public radio apologises after playing Hitler's favourite composer Richard Wagner


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I think there is a need to separate out the musical genius of the man from his views. Henry Ford was anti-semitic, and we still buy his cars.

A point to consider. But do the people of Israel buy Fords? In the US Wagner is still played on classical stations.

Speak for yourself, some of us buy VWs a company with absolutely no .... oh wait hang on.

Well, Volkswagen too was founded during the Nazi period, but their cars are good. So...

Sean Daly I'm curious. What Jewish content are you talking about?

Not Ford Kuga.

Taty Williams, not only during the Nazi period, but founded on 28 May 1937 by the German Labour Front under Adolf Hitler and headquartered in Wolfsburg.

Taty Williams and BMW, too. They used to manufacture plane engines for the Luftwaffe.

Henry Ford was a supporter of Hitler, Porsche designed tanks for Nazi Germany. Bayer had a hand in medical trials in concentration camps. It’s a never ending list of persons or companies tied in some way shape or form.

Fanta as well. The Germans created it when Coca-Cola syrup became too expensive to import and they wanted another fizzy beverage for the people.

I would never buy a Ford, but I get your point.

Yeah but music is music and ya don't expect people into that kinda music to be so apathetic.

James Webber don't forget the banks.

Taty Williams the VW or folks wagon,also known as "the peaple's" car,was ordered to be designed by Ferdinand Porche,by AdolphHilter.

Israel radio apologises for playing Wagner.

Get real. I’m Jewish and listen to Wagner. I’ve even seen part of the ring cycle at the Metropolitan Opera before. People need to toughen up a bit and learn to separate the art from the artist.

agreed. I'm glad they at least played it though. that seems a step forward. i bet the apology followed after listeners complained,.which is interesting as to recognise its Wagner they must have listed to his music in the first place.

Ray Lev, what’s the “indigenous population “ in Israel? The Canaanites??

So you're telling me Israeli gunships can't bump Ride of the Valkyries during gun runs?

That's just combat inefficient.

“I love the smell of phosphorus in the morning, (especially on children) ...smells like, freedom “

I don't like the man's politics or his beliefs, but his music was something else.

This forever ruined my enjoyment of Wagner. I've trieds to separate personal views from the artist, but I haven't been able to.

Wagner. Four hours in a hard seat waiting for a chord to resolve. When it does though it's worth it.
Bruckner. Huge architectural works with some amazing chorales and brass harmonies though never seem to....erm....reach a climax.
Schonberg's Gurrelieder. Structural chaos but containing melodies beautiful enough to reduce a listener to tears.

It's art. It's subjective.

Seperate music from politics please. I think the star wars theme song is from Wagner, why hasn't it ever been an issue.

Hitler was also a vegetarian. Should all vegetarian restaurants apologise and go back to serving meat?

I mean if we’re gonna go that route then Disney has a lot of apologies to make.

Still waiting for the apology for that Eurovision song though ...

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I actually don't know anything about his personal life. I just bought his biography from Delphi Classics, but haven't read it yet. But I absolutely LOVE Wagner's music. My favourite opera is Der Ring des Nibelungen. My favourite composer is Tchaikovsky, but I don't really care if he has skeletons in his past either.

We seem to be judging people of the past with todays ethical and moral standards. Political correctness is a product of now, not the past. People had their views and expressed them, I don't agree with what they did or said or believed but as others have said, Wagner made one hell of a contribution to classical music, we should appreciate the music not pull apart the man who produced it.

Ah, maybe next apologies can be issued for propping up a racist and militant oppressive government hell bent on denying Palestinians their rights.

Wagner. Yeah, priorities.

Seeing some of these comments makes me realize that not much ever changes. Anti-semitism is still rampant in this world.

Don't agree with the man's beliefs, but his music was epic. That is undeniable.

This is a dilemma, artist, painters, writers and composers who make beautiful things but have crazy attitudes. We in Norway had Hamsun who supported Hitler but his books is a national treasure.

His views were terrible, but his music is unbelievably good. I love his opera "Rheingold".

Music has a life of its own. Israel should apologize for its cruel behaviour which resembles everything they felt the need for the world's protection for.