Idris Elba adds fuel to James Bond rumours with cryptic post


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Would a white man be cast as the Black Panther ? No, that would be ridiculous coz the character is black. Same goes here, Bond is a white, British character so why would a non- white play him ? I suggest a petition against Broccoli productions and Bond movies if this goes ahead.

Is James Bond white? Is that a big part of his character? Whiteness? Can this not be changed for a few movies, if so?

I suggest you calm down - James Bond is an identity that’s been shared by actors that look and behave differently over the course of 20+ movies. Idris Elba is perfect for the role, and his skin color has nothing to do with it.

But the super hero's name is BLACK Panther. The spy's name isnt WHITE Bond. Get over it. Who cares if he's white, black, Asian, or Martian. You'll be fine, i promise.

007 isnt suppose to be the same person. its just the best agent at the time gets the job. so it doesn't matter who he is.

News flash: you can be black and British.

Don’t entertain comments like his. Idris is such a cool guy and great in the movies he’s in. Could be the shake up the franchise needs. Last few have been flat in my opinion. Idris for 007.

"My name's Elba, Idris Elba."

Well, it was a good franchise while it lasted. Now like usual, PC culture has to destroy everything.

and just to hammer my point in even more, If Bond must be played by a white actor I feel that Bond should also be played by a white actor who is also an actual MI6 agent in real life.

Racism- assuming Idris Elba can’t play an amazing Bond based solely on his skin color and not his individual merits- just to quote your own previously mentioned standard. So yes- you are racist, and we shun you for this awful behavior.

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Doesnt really do well for continuity.

Bond is an code name not intended to be one single character. Just the same as 007, M and Q.

I don't really see how you can seriously worry about continuity in a franchise that's been going for fifty years putting out unconnected film after unconnected film with plenty of different actors with different hair colours, sizes, voices etc.

Yes because 9 different actors keeps up with continuity.

Yeah man. Continuity. I totally agree. Sean Connery should still be playing Bond, seeing as though he was the first Bond. He’s only 87.

So wish I could go back two years ago when I said he'd make a great James Bond. I was shouted down with. "James Bond, can't be black", "I can't believe you said that", plus worse.

I really like him, but I still think Dominic Cooper is a great option.

Too old and not charismatic enough!!

Anyone can play a fictional character. Good Luck to him.