How to care for Brazilian Human Hair Curly Weave

Many women enjoy the low maintenance aspect of wearing Brazilian Hair,and while taking care of them can be easy,there are some basics you should follow.It's crucial that you wash your weave at least once a week to keep them free of odors,pollution and styling residue.Keeping the hair and scalp clean is essential.

Before shampooing,detangle your Brazilian Curly Hair from top till the roots.Wash your hair gently in a downward motion since rubbing can cause the hair to tangle.Note that,applying conditioner in the root or near the attachment should be avoided since virgin Peruvian human hair weave don't normally receive natural oil from scalp,so this process may loosen the bonds and make the hair to fall out.When you do wash your remy hair weave,its best to agitate your locks in a downward motion using the palms of your hands.Avoid scrubbing or bunching your Full Lace Front Wigs since this has the chance of causing the open cuticles to rub against each other and become damaged.

Heat is a worst enemy of extension.he more heat one use,the shorter the extension will last.Be careful with the use of blow dryers,curling irons and flat irons.Use good conditioner to keep your hair soft.Don't overdo it,that is avoid using too much conditioner or hair care products may cause tangling.Human hair weave are human hair,so they can withstand any product that you would put on your own hair.To extend their usability,it's better to opt for gentle products that are free from alcohol.Natural hair obtains lubrication from the scalp,but remy hair weave need to obtain them from an alternative source.Opt for products that condition and add moisture.When choosing a shampoo,make sure you check the labels to ensure that it's sulfate free.

Human hair weave can be worn and styled just as if they were your own natural hair.That being said,you should take extra care when you hit the pool and beach this summer.While you're able to wear your virgin hair weft in the pool or the ocean,but keep in mind that the chlorine that is in pool water and the salt that is in ocean water is damaging.If you happen to be wearing natural hair clip-ins,consider removing your hair weave before you get in the water.

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