How the humble cabbage can stop cancers


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I’ve always eaten it ever since I was a child, still didn’t stop me getting to terminal stage 4 bowel cancer before I knew it was too late..., admittedly it doesn’t help when you think your GP knows best & keeps telling you that you have a virus, cold or flu & paracetamol will clear it up in a couple of weeks.

True but I find ‘can’ is used a lot & hasn’t applied to many others I’ve since spoke to so I’m pointing out ‘can’ has no real basis because can & doesn’t isn’t conclusive evidence that something does what’s claimed, it didn’t do anything for me so ‘can’ is hearsay as far as I’m concerned & hardly newsworthy.

I agree! Maybe a comparative project needs to be done comparing incidence of cancer in vegetarians and normal diets
We all usually eat vegetables as part vegetable of our diet !
Just how much of these types of vegetables would be effective ?

You can do everything to be healthy. Unfortunately for some people it doesn’t always work. I know people who have never smoked yet get lung cancer, yet others who have smoked a pack a day for years and didn’t get cancer. I have a coworker that is in her early 30s just diagnosed with breast cancer. She isn’t a carrier of the gene strand that is a known gene to cause breast cancer. What happens to one person is not a guarantee it will happen to everyone.

I was actually reading up on the benefits of cruciferous vegetables the other day, and apparently you'd need to eat around 2kg of cabbage or broccolli a day for it to have any kind of benefit.

George Nyasha Chiduza Very true, I’m part of a study group & convey all information I can over a quite long period of time to look at possible causes of my cancer (& others) & hopefully the cancer research company doing this can learn something for future generations to benefit from, they do share what they’ve learned to date with me though so I can hopefully benefit from reduced side effects of chemotherapy & maybe even with the cancer itself, just having more information has been very helpful though.

Researchers reveal how chemicals in some vegetables can prevent bowel cancer.

Eat healthy, don't smoke, drink in moderation, keep active and don't stress over anything. Enjoy every day.

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Vegetable is good till smothered in chemicals. Now that's where I think cancer comes from.

as long as its not covered in roundup etc!!!

and how many may cause cancer, there are many chemicals applied to crops of all descriptions. We have just heard the case against Roundup, which is one that is used widely in Australia.

But it’s safe
🙄. Says the same company that makes agent orange. I have hated Monsanto for years, we’ve been dealing with this corrupt company for decades.

Great we got research but this fake false statement makes me very angry . We don't need help we need a bloody cure. Until we get results stop putting this kind of force hope out!

Eat your greens is what my mother always said, years ago. Obviously my mum came better equipped than modern scientists, she was there quicker.

Prince Charles has been saying for years, grow organic & say hello to your vegetables
👍🏻 Embrace nature.