Hippo kills tourist taking photos of wildlife in Kenya


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No disrespect, but I can’t help wondering how that figure compares to how many animals have died in the last year for Chinese “medicine”?

Must say, I thought similar thing when I read it. Very sad, but what they do to animals doesn't bear thinking about.

No disrespect, but I can’t help asking you how many animals have died for your meals ? And how many animals have died for your medical experiments ?

Lorrie Holloway-White Must say, I thought different thing when I read this. Very touched, what you say to animals seems to be like that you’ve never eaten any of them.

Omowunmi Tusan-Tusan Babawale Sounds like you are not one of us, I mean we’re humain brining. Where do you come from then ?

China is 4 times as populated than the US. Today the Chinese that travel out side their country, will not be surprise any time of the US, and I'm talking about travel for leisure. so don't make this incident out of proportion. The very fact that the respect these animal make them want to be close to them. unfortunately animal is animal, they bite. STOP LOOKING AT CHINESE IN YOUR PRESUMPTION MANNER.

Six people have been killed by hippos in the area this year.

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Hope the Hippo is Ok.

Thoughts and prayers for that hippo.

It's sad that someone has died but I hope it doesn't end up with the hippo being killed for doing what hippos do.

I heard he was fine but hungry half an hour later.

(sarc) hippo was hungry again one hour later.

The are hungry hungry hippos after all.

Leave hippos alone. Clue they aren't hard to miss.

Takes on a whole new meaning to hungry hungry hippo.

We were staying at this resort just a week back. They always insisted on being escorted back and forth from your room after dark and before sunrise. Why do people get so negligent around wild animals just for photos? They will obviously get defensive if feels threatened.

When will people learn that animals are not put on this planet for our entertainment!! They deserve just as much respect as our fellow humans (although depending on where you live this is rather questionable).

I wonder if he was hungry again half an hour later.

Let's wait for the tooth to come out before we start writing thoughtless comments on here..