Harry Potter's birthplace in Lavenham still for sale


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The real question is how James and Lily Potter were able to afford this place at 21!

James potter is rich.

James inherited a lot of money when his father died. The family were very wealthy.

Didn't you see how much money Harry was left in Gringotts? They were loaded!

Cos it was the 70’s when James and lily bought it.. plus the Potters are rich because they invented sleakeazy hair potion.

Plus, the Potters were loaded. Seriously, read the books. Watch the movies for Pete’s sake.

Considering it was also the ancestral home of the Peverells , Harry’s ancestors, the House may have been in the family for generations and left to James.

Amanda Nelson Don’t you mean sirius-ly? And yes, I have read the books, watched the movies and followed Pottermore to know he inherited the Sleekeazy fortune. It was a joke...

Looks like a string of never ending diy maintenance ...

The person buying it will probably be able to afford a maid...

Probably less than buying a new build that's built cheap.

May Mouque ‘the right buyer’ who will be happy for rabid fans to come regularly trampling over their garden.

"Estate agent Carter Jonas said it was yet to find 'the buyer it deserves'."
😂 Gotta love the crap that estate agents come up to evade simply admitting that a house is overpriced!

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we visited Lavenham 3 summers ago, because it's one of the towns in Suffolk that my father's ancestors came from! Must confess, that at the time, we didn't know this house was used in a Harry Potter movie! Pretty town, though, and many very old homes and buildings.

I haven’t read the article just incase it says the sure to be depressing asking price but obviously I’m the “right buyer” Matthew Redding.

That orange house next door though, you always get one neighbour to ruin it all.

It's not selling as it doesn't come with a house elf!

Lavenham is a gorgeous place if u had the money I would buy it.