Google tracks users who turn off location


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I leave my phone at the local church whenever i hit the strip club.

Comment so savage you need a minute to appreciate.

Every move you make... They'll be watching you?

However if I get kidnapped or decide go missing, Google and cctv all seem to not work. So for a world that's watching it's not that great.

Did you piss off the Clintons or something ? Google malfunctions for some reason when someone does, they also take a very long vacation to an unknown land for some reason..

Pro tip: Don't piss off George Clinton or his family.

Moral of the story cake will save you from kidnap over Google.... we have all learnt something here today.

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1984..... it doesn't matter anymore because we are already completely and totally traceable. Anyone can watch, listen, and follow every minute of our lives with the appropriate technology.
The thought police will be next......

Imam Alam just because u don’t want ur information and movements tracked doesn’t mean people are to question people as to if they are doing things that are illegal. That’s where the worlds going wrong.It’s about people just being able to live their lives not being monitored it hasn’t always been this way I think it’s a breach of people’s human rights.

Meh...I don't go anywhere anyway .

That’s why i love my iPhone.

where apple track your movements instead.

James Edward Allen dude
🍎 does give you the option to turn it off atleast and they care much more than google.

I think this Apple user didn't read the article.

Duh. My multi-national corporation benefitting from egregious tax breaks and avoidance is more ethical than your multi-national corporation benefitting from egregious tax breaks and avoidance. Apple has better facial recognition than Samsung. NO MY DEVICE MANUFACTURE SELLS MY DATA MORE BETTERER.

Hahaha, someone actually thinks Apple doesn't track the location of their iPhone. LOL.
Wait till they find out that in addition to Google and Apple, the networks like Verizon and AT&T also track your location as well.

The point is not to be followed by psycho stalkers and there comes Google.. stalking the world.. can they be sued for stalking??

Moment of silence for those who think that they can’t be tracked when location services are turned off..

Not a big deal at all. I don’t expect any privacy on the net. However, would they trace me indeed if I hypothetically went missing or got kidnapped?

I like the tracking actually. I like to see where I've been and remember good times, I can also plan a trip where ice not been. At the same time, I can find my phone if I loose it. I don't mind my location being tracked. People know I'm safe, exactly where I am if I have an issue And all kinds