Genoa bridge collapse: at least 20 killed, Italian official says


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Het again! What is wrong with italian bridges?

A major motorway bridge has collapsed near the northern Italian city of Genoa, there are unconfirmed reports of many casualties.

we travelled through Genoa from La Spezia to Milan just 2 months back.

I don't know if you served around here but no matter... it's a horrible tragedy.

Very sad.These old Bridges are nightmares during rainy season in India too.

Thank for your thoughts from Genoa. Very sad for my town.

this will probably happen here too as infrastructure is not invested into.

if you are going that way beware and safe.

Omg That's horrific.
My thoughts go out to families of the dead and injured.

Deeply upset and saddened at this terrible tragedy. Thinking of you all in Italy.

somehow it doesn't seem this roadway was built to specifications.

Thoughts with all those involved. So tragic.

WOW THEY MUST NOT CHECK OUT THERE bridge at all they have to check them more.

When infrastructures fail and tax money is misappropriated...
What a tragedy!

Prayers for those affected by the bridge collapse in Genova.

Crossed this bridge twice last week but in glorious sunshine. How devastating.

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The old leaning tower is doing ok put a fence round it and sell tickets till you can afford a new one.

Our nation is full of corruction.

It's appalling that there're 2000 year old bridges in Italy that are still standing strong & then we have these shoddy modern ones!!