Fifa 19: The ultimate test for any relationship


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I bought it for my husband ... so he would disappear.

Bit sexist to say its boyfriends that disappear there’s a lot of ladies out there that do gaming too.

I bought fifa for my boyfriend so he would disappear and I can have some peace Louise Kennedy.

I stopped playing fifa when i was 14 years old.

Real man can do whatever they want....after asking permission of the Mrs of course.

It's a shite game for people who love buying the same game every year whilst feeding a greedy, corrupt company their money at the same time.

John Medlicott i’ll buy you this for Christmas if it makes boyfriends disappear.

I wouldnt mind if he took turns like.

Nah, the true test is RDR2........

So I bought it on Tuesday (preordered Champions Edition). Played it twice.
Wife then said please don't play it, as she really wants to play with me, but her Masters dissertation was in (today) and me playing FIFA would distract her.
I'll happily concede. I have already built my 5 ultimate teams. I can wait until tomorrow morning for a duvet day, on the sofa, co-op'ing Alex Hunter or demolishing other teams, with a very grateful wife.
Trust me lads, it's worth the wait.

Neymar is overacting and overfalling in fifa 19 as well.

Yes and America has football widows for a season .

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Guille Alves and Santana Colors. Can I proof?

You know what's sad? It's 2018, and there are still people on these comments that think that women don't play games. Mostly men with incredibly sexist attitudes towards female gamers.

You know what, you are probably right. I guess my collection of hundreds of games is just for show. The many thousands of hours I have clocked up over two plus decades of gaming was all just an act for attention. I better clear out the dozens of vintage consoles I have collected in my gaming room, as clearly I'm not fooling anyone. Probably should cancel that preorder for the collectors edition of Red Dead Redemption 2 too, as I doubt I will ever actually play it.