Ex-Trump aide Omarosa releases recording of White House firing


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Recording discussions in the Situation Room? Is America’s national security being treated like a joke? What credentials does Omarosa have to even be in the Situation Room? She is a reality show star, that is all! This is outrageous!

Former White House aide Omarosa played a recording in a TV interview of her dismissal and indicated she had other recordings from her time in the Trump administration.

This whole administration is a reality show!

Using that logic, what is Trump doing in the Situation room?

I doubt if he understands, much less remembers, what is discussed in the Situation Room, sadly.

Don't you try recoding a phone conversation without the other parties knowledge. There are laws against it.

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I supposed Kelly was correct, she does have integrity issues.

There is only her word that the recording was made in the Situation Room. I have my doubts.

I’m waiting for Robin Roberts, of ABC’s Good Morning America, to welcome “Felicia” back into the family.

Maybe if trump would not have tried to assassinate her character she would have kept the tape private...

Then trump said she was a "lowlife" and had SHS slander her from the podium in the press briefing room.

Then she published the recording.

She has more, so covfefe had better learn to shut his pie hole.

If the administration has nothing to hide then this wouldn't matter. However almost all of them corrupt liars and cheats. So lets hope this shines a cleansing light on potential crimes and misdeeds.

Now apply that same logic to emails and servers and Assange.

After successfully suing the daily mail
For a false story, why wouldn’t Team Trump sue this person (or any other fake news source ) for a “false story” ?

I don't like Trump at all, but I don't trust this either. It wouldn't surprise me if the Trump administration threw her some money to create a petty distraction. Trump's reality show tactics are getting predictable.